Governors Receive Letters from Sovereign Extremists to Resign or Be ‘Removed’

April 2, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-A conspiracy laden far-right extremist group based on the sovereign citizens movement, with stated plans to take over and replace the federal government “behind-the-scenes,” as part of its “Restore America Plan,” has set the first phase of its grand plan in motion. What would that be you might ask? The anti-government group, named “The Guardians of the Free Republics and the fifty American De jure Grand Juries,” has issued warrants and orders by fax and snail mail to at least 30 governors across the country to leave office, so some whack job from the group can “quietly, efficiently and quickly” take their place. Alarmed that the incendiary letters could incite violence against elected officials, the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security issued an internal intelligence note obtained by the Associated Press, warning law enforcement of the potential for violent acts by right-wing domestic terrorists.

The DHS and F.B.I. advisory notes that although the agencies are not aware of specific plans for violence by the group, “law enforcement should be aware that this could be interpreted as a justification for violence or other criminal actions.”

The intelligence note, said the “Restore America Plan,” also called for “establishing bogus courts, calling of ‘de jure’ grand juries, and issuing so-called ‘legal orders’ to gain control of the state.”

As of Wednesday, at least 30 governors had received threatening letters from members of The Guardians of the Free Republics, called jurors of the De jure Grand Juries or guardians, demanding the elected officials leave office within three days or they will be removed.

The offices of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons confirmed that they received the letters demanding their resignations. The letters were turned over to law enforcement.

Who is behind this anti-fed sovereign citizens movement? A man who goes by the name of Dr. Sam Kennedy, a right-wing Internet radio host of the program “Take no Prisoners,” with the Texas-basedRepublic Broadcasting Network. His name seems to be an alias and there is much discussion on various forums about his real identity and whether he is truly a medical doctor. Kennedy is described on the Republic Broadcasting site, as the author of the “Instant Criminal Complaint” and a “semi-retired doctor who treats pain disorders, Sam served as a journalist and professional writer for many years.” He is a shadowy figure and photos of him are scarce.

Kennedy announced his “Restore America Plan,” on Jan 31, 2010 during his radio program. In a posting hyping his program Kennedy declared, “The responsibility is enormous – and so are the risks if we fail. THE MILITARY HAS CHARGED US WITH THE HIGH RESPONSIBILITY OF ENDING THE SPIRAL TO WORLD WAR III being orchestrated by the Rulers of Evil. Never have men borne such responsibility. We are the last best hope for mankind.”

Kennedy uses his radio program to shill his super-secret freedom seminars, costing hundreds of dollars, in which he teaches fraudulent and get-rich schemes to right-wing dupes, based upon UCC law and various arcane commercial processes to access a secret bank account each person supposedly has with the Department of Treasury.

The Southern Poverty Law Center refers to sovereign citizen scammers like Kennedy, as adherents of a “pseudo-legal strategy, called “redemption theory,” that claims the federal government has enslaved its citizens by using them as collateral against foreign debt. Like other theories of the movement, redemption offers a way for adherents to supposedly make fortunes with the use of certain documents.”

Kennedy also seems to promote a tax and debt evasion scam referred to by the IRS, as Form 1099-OID Fraud. According to an IRS fraud alert:

“The fraud is also marketed as a way to reduce taxes or pay outstanding tax liabilities. It involves the filing of Form 1099-OID, Original Issue Discount, and/or bogus financial instruments such as bonded promissory notes or sight drafts. This fraud has evolved from an earlier frivolous argument that a “strawman” bank account has been created at the Treasury Department for each U.S. citizen, and that individuals could use such “strawman” accounts to pay debts and claim withholding credits.”

Realizing his schemes could land people in jail, and expose himself to criminal charges and civil complaints, Kennedy makes the disclaimer on his radio shows and seminars that his crackpot commercial paper schemes are for “entertainment purposes only.”

Meanwhile, Kennedy, or whatever his real name is, has apparently dreamed up his “Restore America Plan,” as a new way to generate a mailing list of easy marks, to con them into emptying their wallets for one of his Law Merchant’s Rountable Leadership conferences for the small “donation” of $1050 at the door for the full five days, not including lodging and meals. The registration form reads, “Attendance is being intentionally limited to ensure a transcendent awakening…”

On The Guardians of the Free Republics Web site, Kennedy is requiring that future guardians and jurors provide him with their full names, addresses, home phone, cell phone and business phone. States are referred to as Free Republics and counties, as non-corporate counties. Guardian members then must recite the Covenant of office in front of a regional or state coordinator, sealing their registration forms with a red right thumbprint. Dr. Strangelove can then educate his army of sovereign guardians, for a small donation, of the many ways to use commercial paper to get their hands on the secret bank accounts held with the Department of Treasury.

All of this sounds like nonsense of course, but in this politically charged environment, with a high unemployment rate, Dr. Kennedy’s bizarre anti-government “Restore America Plan,” could incite violence, as his philosophies merge with the sharp rise of dangerously violent and armed militia and patriot groups, such as the Michigan-based heavily armed, Christian warrior group Hutaree, arrested last week for plotting to kill police officers and to incite an anti-government war.

According to Kennedy’s warped plan to restore and reinhabit the free American republics, besides removing all governors, phase one also includes issuing orders to the military and replacing the nation’s court systems with De jure Grand Juries. Kennedy claims that he formulated his government takeover plan with the help of “high-ranking members of the armed forces.”

Among the many actions listed under phase two of Kennedy’s sovereign citizen manifesto, is the “arrest and shackling of the District Court of the District of Columbia.”

Kennedy’s original plan called for the complete takeover of the government, by March 31, so he is a little behind schedule. But according to his master plan, “restoration will occur behind the scenes in a manner designed to get results, not glory.”

According to the introduction of the plan on the Guardians of the Free Republics site, “As you will see by the Warrants and Orders, the De jure Grand Juries will work behind the scenes, methodically dismantling the satanic institutions and rituals of 1933 and 1865.”

So, maybe America has already been taken over by Kennedy’s army of sovereign citizens and no one has noticed?

(Update: The F.B.I. interviewed Sam Kennedy for two-hours on Friday, but did not arrest him, according to John Stadtmiller, who runs the Republic Broadcasting Network.

(Further Update: According to Mother Jones, the Guardians’ Web sites are registered to a well-known South African anti-government and conspiracy theory crank, named Clive Boustred:

“Turns out and are registered to one Clive Boustred of Soquel, California—a British-educated former South African soldier with an apparent knack for “anti-terrorist warfare,” computer consulting, and conspiracy theorizing. The sites—and the “group”—appear not to have existed before he registered them, about two months ago. Even as conspiracy mavens go, Boustred is a fascinating study. He’s prominent on YouTube as a decrier of Jesuit, Masonic, Rothschild, and Fed conspiracies.”

Boustred, as a former South African soldier, is apparently Kennedy’s connection to “high-ranking members of the armed forces,” who may have helped him formulate his kooky “Restore America Plan.”


4 Responses to “Governors Receive Letters from Sovereign Extremists to Resign or Be ‘Removed’”

  1. Clive Boustred on April 3rd, 2010 2:06 pm

    Sue? Is that it? What’s your REAL Name?.. Please such idiocy in reporting reflects a extraordinarily low intelligence and intellect.

    Firstly, no, I am not the military backing Sam. Furthermore, I am not in any way a proponet of violence of any sort. I left South Africa two decades ago to get away from bad government, only to find out that the government here is worse. Neither I Sam or our members are anti government, we are pro-government, lawful law abiding government. We are following the law, our public servants are also required to follow the law.

    If you could explain how it is acceptable for a band of foreigners to own the private Federal Reserve Bank and make dollars out of noting, other than for the purpose of operating the worlds larges scam and most violent government ever, I would be very interested in what you have to say. Although your reporting reflects such a baseless level of drivel it is unlikely to be worth the time reading it.

    Extremist? I would say dumping 18 million gallons of poison so toxic it strips and kills all vegetation on the earth is extremist (Agent Orange Vietnam). Or blasting two thousand tons of nuclear waste in the form or armaments in the Gulf region is extremist (the DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years). The list can go on and on – see for more shocking facts.

    Our government is out of control and in the control of foreign bankers who funded Hitler, Stalin the World Wars and many genocides. If you can’t see this you are a blind fool.

    Perhaps instead of publishing slander and lies, it would be better to careful consider the great economic cataclysm and impending World War III which we all face because of ignorance such as yours.



  2. Jackie on April 5th, 2010 5:59 pm

    EXTREMISTS??? We are NOT extemists! We are American Patriots! Thomas Paine was a Patriot. Are you calling him an extremist? Wake up, turn off the main stream media, do some research (I know, this may be a tough one as it involves reading and comprehension skills), and think for yourself. The sheeple of America have their heads in the sand. THAT is a major reason why we have to speak out! We are trying to save these people who call us “extremists” from their own ignorance and apathy. The second is the ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES. We are living in an oligarchy and VERY FEW people recognize this. Everyday they go to work (well some), and bust their butts for the Federal Reserve Corporation. Then they go home and turn the tv on to dumb themselves down. Right where the government wants you to be. And the cycle contiues as it has for decades. Do you not understand that we all have been and are being enslaved by the Federal Reserve Corporation. ALL OF YOU: LEO, JOURNALISTS, doctors, teachers, nurses, pilots, your children, grandchildren, etc., etc. are enslaved by the Federal Reserve Corporation. I wish previous generations would have taken care of the problem. Then we wouldn’t be having this chat. But wait, anyone who held this view, were also labeled “extremists”. So make your choice. Listen to common sense and stand up for yourself, or resume sticking your head in the sand. COWARDS!! The founding fathers are ashamed of you! Great way to thank them!!

  3. pammalou on April 5th, 2010 10:28 pm

    I hope “Sue” doesn’t feel too much like an idiot ! The slant of her article indicates she likes the violent government ! I’m sure she feels tasers LRAD and pepper spray are in order for anyone who doesn’t want to french kiss the violent government.

  4. Kelly on April 6th, 2010 1:01 pm

    I’ve read the comments from the wannabes who claim themselves patriots and want to puke!!! You people are the FARTHEST from patriot as one can go. You dishonour the names of true Americans who have fought and died to protect our country, out constitution, and our systems of goverment. If you don’t like the way things work in the good old USofA…get out and find another country to dupe. The people of the US will not allow themselves to be bullied…woe to the last who tried…and to the next.

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