Jesse Ventura on Nukes: ‘How Many Times do We Need to Blow Up the World?’

April 8, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-The always colorful Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, former Navy Seal and now an all-out conspiracy theorist, appeared on Fox Business News (Yes, there is a Fox Business News) to talk about nukes and the right-wing’s made up stories about Obama’s healthcare armies, and he didn’t disappoint. Fox host Eric Bolling had planned to bring on “The Body” to lend credence to the network’s shameless promotion of wild conspiracy theories (lies) about thousands of armed IRS agents. But Jesse had other ideas. He preferred to denounce nuclear warfare, spineless warmongers who never served our country and the fraudulent Iraq War, much to the disappointment of the FBN host. “Shouldn’t we spend the money on more nuclear bombs than healthcare?” “Wouldn’t that be a smart thing?” As Bolling looked dumbstruck, Jesse said “I’m being real sarcastic when I say that.” And from there the interview took a turn way into Crazy Town.

Before introducing Ventura, Bolling repeated lies about “OmamaCare” healthcare armies direct from the pages of the right-wing blog World Net Daily; the fevered swamp of wild conspiracy theories. Showing frightening images of emergency officials wearing face masks and protective suits, Bolling repeated the tall tales of Obama’s armed healthcare armies that would be subject to an involuntary draft in a national emergency. Bolling displayed a statement from White House spokesperson Linda Douglas, saying that such claims have been thoroughly debunked and have no basis in reality. Bolling’s response? It must be a government cover up, of course. The real reality, according to Fox News is whatever World Net Daily prints.

Ventura didn’t touch the ObamaCare armies conspiracy and decided instead to talk about Conservatives’ love of nuclear weapons:

“It seems the argument we’re hearing is let’s build more nuclear bombs, but we can’t afford healthcare? I think I would rather have healthcare. How many times do we need to blow up the world? How much power do we need from nuclear bombs?”

Ventura then suggested that we tax our wars. “We don’t even have the courage to pay for our wars,” he said.

Bolling unsuccessfully attempts to draw a negative assessment from Ventura about Obama’s new nuclear policy. Bolling is incensed that we can’t nuke every country off the face of the planet that might attack us:

Jesse responds: “What gives us the right to be the nukers? Jesse then brings up the lies that led to the Iraq war. And he veers way into left field referring to our foreign policy as “terrorism.” “[W]e have been practicing terrorism for 50 years only we call it foreign policy,” said Jesse.

Not to be deterred, Bolling once again attempts to steer the conversation back to the falsehood of “ObamaCare” healthcare armies, but no no avail.

Jesse instead, takes Bolling and other warmongering neocons to task: “I’m giving you a veteran who has been there not a coward who hasn’t been.” I’ve been there — notice it’s us veterans who the least want to go to war because we have been there.”

Bolling makes one last stab at the ObamaCare armies lie:

BOLLING: “The IRS is empowered with maybe 16,000 or so IRS agents making sure that we have healthcare. Is that alright?

Despite the White House stating such a claim was not based on reality, with even thoroughly debunking the false claim, Bolling repeats it again as fact.

JESSE: “Well first of all let’s see it happen first. I think the money could be better well spent making more nuclear bombs. We don’t have enough — let’s build some more.”

BOLLING: “Is this sarcasm?”

VENTURA: “Yes you want to build more nukes. How many do we need? How many do we need to blow up the world?”

Watch it:

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2 Responses to “Jesse Ventura on Nukes: ‘How Many Times do We Need to Blow Up the World?’”

  1. David W on April 9th, 2010 6:46 am

    Why is it labelled “veering off into left feild” to say that “we in the US have been practicing terrorism for 50 years we just call it foreign policy”? If the statement is going to be labelled at all, why not just label it an accurate statement?

    And when you say Ventura is an all-out conspiracy theorist, don’t you really mean that he’s an all-out independent thinker who won’t allow himself to be bullied by thoughtless conformists and party hacks in media?

    You also say that host Eric Bolling planned to bring on Jesse to give credence to the network’s theories (lies) about thousands of armed IRS agents. But isn’t this just a theory (lie) of your own about why Ventura was on the show?

    Lots of theories (lies) in this piece about why Ventura was on the show, why he was asked this or that question, or why this or that topic was brought up, but that’s all it amounted to is a bunch of theoretical nonsense, which is why, for me, reading this piece by chattahbox was like taking a trip straight to Crazy Town.

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