(Video) Fired Geico Voice Actor to Tea Party’s FreedomWorks: ‘Kiss My Pimply Ass’

April 22, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Former Geico voice-over actor Lance Baxter, known as “D.C. Douglas,” did a stupid thing, when he left a voice mail for Dick Armey’s and Matt Kibbe’s tea party backing group FreedomWorks, referring to its tea party members, as “mentally retarded.” No, he was not the voice of the Gecko. He says he impulsively left the message along with his home telephone number, after becoming outraged at the racism, spitting and homophobic attacks of tea party protesters directed towards U.S. lawmakers, during passage of the healthcare reform bill. But what happened next, says Baxter in a press release, is a cold lesson in the politics of destruction. He was fired from his job, after Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, posted his voice mail message and home telephone number on Andrew Brietbart’s BigGovernment site, urging angry teapartiers to phone him, as well as Geico. “Let them know that you, in fact, are not a mentally retarded killer, but that you are now in the market for car insurance,” wrote Kibbe.

Baxter does not blame Geico for his firing, “They shouldn’t have to take on an angry mob over an anonymous voice over guy,” he wrote in a lengthy post on his blog. But he does take issue with the bullying tactics of FreedomWorks. “Matt Kibbe can kiss my pimply ass,” declared Baxter. And Lance Baxter went one step further, he made use of his trained Geico vocal chords to narrate a video slamming FreedomWorks and the tea party’s bigotry, with a few angry messages from BigGoverment’s readership woven into the mix. And the results are hilarious.

What was the voice mail message that caused all the fuss? Baxter inquired how many members of FreedomWorks were “mentally retarded” and he continued: “Wondering what your plans are, how to spin it, when one of your members does actually kill somebody.”

Baxter admits it was stupid and he apologized, but he says FreedomWorks went after him to get to his employer Geico in retaliation for dropping its ads from Glenn Beck’s show.

“Yeah, I know – STUPID! And certainly not constructive. But venting calmly with a twist of humor soothes my liberal soul. Plus, homophobia and racism are my Achilles heal. Unfortunately, in my haste, I used the phrase “mentally retarded” which, ultimately, drags me down to their level.”

Baxter continued to assail the tactics of FreedomWorks and the group’s role in whipping up an angry mob of teapartiers, after the election of Barack Obama as president:

“I did not post my views in a large public forum. I did not publicly campaign against them. I left a calm (albeit impulsive) phone message ONCE. FreedomWorks responded with napalm. It’s akin to me getting any one of the unblocked phone callers who harassed me fired from their jobs. I could try to do it, but an eye for an eye “leaves everyone blind”. Oh, and it’s kind of illegal… Tortious Interference, invasion of privacy and harassment. (If there are any lawyers out there who’d like to take this on pro bono, come and get it.) It’s simply the politics of destruction. Unfortunately, the radical majority is provoked to racial paranoia and mob mentality by unethical Washingtonian operatives like Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe. If we do not confront these kinds of groups, we risk letting a hate movement gain a dangerous level of influence in our country.”

Watch Baxter’s video entitled, “The Tea Bagger Boogie: Dick Armey’s Army of Dicks”


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