Hair Found Near Caylee Anthony’s Body Not Her Mother’s

April 25, 2010

Florida (ChattahBox) – Information from the released Casey Anthony documents show that a 5 inch hair was found inside of the bag containing the tools used to kill toddler Caylee Anthony. It does not match her mother.

The document states that the hair does not belong to Casey Anthony, Caylee Anthony, or any of the investigators on the scene.

It is one of many revelations that have come from the documents as part of one of the more prolific criminal cases of the decade.

Casey Anthony has been charged in the murder of her young daughter, who was reported missing in July 2008, after she had been gone for nearly a month.

In December of that year, Caylee’s body was found, the means of her murder unconfirmed. However, a bag with a bottle and syringe were found nearby, containing traces of a steroid and chloroform, which were believed to have been used to kill her. The hair was also in the bag.

Other evidence released includes a diary entry dated a few days after Caylee went missing, where Anthony claims to have “made the right choice”, and said she was “the happiest she had ever been”.

There is also an interview with the sister of Krystal Holloway, the alleged mistress of Anthony’s father, who claims he told her how the toddler died, and that he knew it was an accident.

Casey Anthony maintains that Caylee was taken by her babysitter, Zenaida “Zanny” Fernandez-Gonzalez, who she says was her caregiver for two years prior to her disappearance.

The woman Anthony claims to be the sitter has never been found.



11 Responses to “Hair Found Near Caylee Anthony’s Body Not Her Mother’s”

  1. A proud mom on April 25th, 2010 12:27 pm

    I dont see how if she didn’t do she didn’t report it for over a month, I dont even see how she could’ve hurt her baby girl, I could never hurt my baby boy. and if he went missing Id report it right away Id freak and wanna die if i didn’t find him, not party. She should rott in prison and get tghe death penalty for what she did. a life for a life. my life would have no meaning without my son.

  2. michelle on April 25th, 2010 1:07 pm

    ok i don’t care about a hair who cares if it isn’t hers who’s to say she didnt have help she just might have!!! she didn’t report her kid missing for 31 days, got a tattoo the beautiful life while her kid was missing what’s so beautiful???? HER car smelled of death and had coffin flys in it, SHE gave the police the run around and i find it hard to believe she was protecting her family, look at the jail letters SHE talks down on her mom dad and lee so why was she protectin them??? if they were soooo bad to her? SHE never mentioned caylee when she was bonded out it was all fun and games to her, so i believe SHE SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE SHE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED AND IM SORRY IF SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH SHE WOULD HAVE GAVE THEM VALID CLUES SHE DID NOT!! ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP THERE IS A LIFE GONE BECAUSE OF HER ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!!!!!! I HOPE THIS JUDGE PUTS AN END TO HER BS AND GETS TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS FAST, CAYLEE NEEDS PEACE !!!!!

  3. JCfromGa on April 25th, 2010 1:59 pm

    It does make me wonder, in addition to the other internet searches, if Casey researched how to fry someone else for the murder. But maybe that part of the search had not been released by police? Could the hair found be someone Casey intended on frying? However, she just doesn’t seem that smart to take it that one step further, so where did the hair come from? Could it be just a loose fragment of whoever she happened to be around at that time? I don’t believe anyone other than Casey murdered Caylee. I’m willing to bet investigators already found an answer for the hair, and hasn’t released the info yet, for whatever investigative reasons.

  4. Selene on April 25th, 2010 2:31 pm

    Ummm…there is no proof that the bag they found contained the actual “murder tool” used to kill Caylee. I hate how people who cover these stories get the facts wrong. All they did was collect everything at the scene. This was a wooded area that was under water for months, who knows where that bag floated in from and who it belonged to? Come take a walk in the woods by my house and you’ll find tons of interesting items. Law enforcement had to take EVERYTHING into evidence, it doesn’t mean that every wrapper and hair played a part. It probably belonged to some crackhead who was shooting steroids.

  5. Helen B. on April 25th, 2010 4:02 pm

    That hair has no meaning at all. It could have already been in that bag when it was used, it could have been placed inside the bag also on purpose. This is total nonsense! I guess that hair excuses the month long party, the tattoo, the lies and thievery too. Now the whole case depends on one little hair, what about the hair in Caseys trunk with the death rings on it, it was proven to be of the same structure as Caylees, does that not carry more weight? What about the odor of decomposition, the image on the floor of the trunk left by her little decaying body? I just pray the jury has more sense than Baez thinks they may and also that this judge will see through this wad of lies to the truth. After all, he can over rule a decision by the jury to allow her to live her miserable life if he so wishes and I hope he wishes!!!

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  9. mommyto3NY on April 26th, 2010 11:59 am

    Ok, I don’t think there are many people out there that actually believe that this shallow, spoiled, sociopath is innocent so I won’t get into that. However I find it so odd that her family who have decided to lie and cover up for her haven’t continued to search for Caylee’s abductor? If they believe she is innocent wouldn’t it only make sence to continue looking for this “person” to clear her? The lawyers who are representing the Zanaida(sp?) who is suing Casey for defamation really irritated me when they first started their depositions b/c it seemed like they were trying to be some kind of hero’s by proving Casey killed her daughter. I wasn’t sure why they were going in to such detail concerning things/events that had nothing to do with Zanaida until one of the lawyers finally gave the reasoning to one of the witnesses when they became furious about the line of questioning….They wanted to prove who did it so their client could be totally cleared if they showed someone else did it.
    That made sense so why aren’t her parents doing the same? If they believe their daughter is innocent then why haven’t they continued to search for the real person who killed Caylee?

  10. Toya on April 28th, 2010 7:06 pm

    I wonder if they matched Caylee’s DNA to Malorey’s (sp) Lee’s girl friend. She had access to the Anthony’s house. I’m not saying that she killed Caylee, but maybe she moved her.

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