Scarborough: Arizona Immigration Law is ‘Un-American’

April 27, 2010

(ChattahBox)—The new harsh anti-immigration law in Arizona is even drawing condemnation from Republicans. Xenophobic right-wing nativist Tom Tancredo believes the law institutionalizing racial profiling goes too far. “I do not want people here, there in Arizona, pulled over because you look like [you] should be pulled over,” says Tancredo. And former Republican Congressman and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, went so far as to call the draconian law un-American.

The new law allows police to stop people based on the “reasonable suspicion” they may be undocumented immigrants. If the people stopped don’t have the proper papers proving residency, they would be arrested and jailed. The law essentially makes it a crime in Arizona to have brown skin.

During a discussion of the law this morning on Morning Joe, Scarborough came out strongly against the law that forces Hispanic looking Americans and legal immigrants to carry papers with them at all times, or risk arrest:

What does offends me, is one out of every three citizens in the state of Arizona are Hispanics. And you have now put a target on one out of three citizens —who if they are walking their dog around the neighborhood — if they are walking their child to school and they’re an American citizen or a legal immigrant, to now put a target on their back and make them think that every time they go walk out of their door they may have to prove something. I will tell you that is un-American it’s unacceptable and it’s un-American.

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6 Responses to “Scarborough: Arizona Immigration Law is ‘Un-American’”

  1. Sally on April 28th, 2010 1:43 pm

    I cannot understand why anyone would want to boycott a state that is standing up for their citizens and trying to keep them safe. Even if someone should get stopped and checked out, so what??? They should be very glad that the state wants to keep them safe. I could cry foul when I am pulled over in a check point because not everyone is, but I have nothing to hide and am happy that the police want to keep our roads safe. Too much has happened with illegals inflitrated our country. It has to be stopped.

  2. Liz on April 28th, 2010 3:16 pm

    It’s un-American? The illegals in this country are breaking the law.
    The governor of the state of AZ was voted in to office and part of the oath sworn by politicians in this country is to uphold the laws of the United States not undermine them to protect illegals. This law is not un-American. She is doing what is legally required to protect the safety of the legal citizens of Arizona.
    Any politician that protects ILLEGALS means they are undermining the legal system and also breaking the law and should be required to resign from office.
    I am of Irish descent with dark hair and skin and would not mind being asked one bit to provide ID. I will gladly comply to make the world a safer place.

    P.S. Uou also took Tancredo’s words out of context. He totally supports the new law.

  3. Alice on April 28th, 2010 3:33 pm

    I am sorry that people think this is profiling, but if you are legal in the US what should it matter if you have to show that you are. My husband works in a foreign country and we have to carry our ID cards at all time. I do not mind because I am there legal and have all of my paper work in order. If I was illegal I would be shipped out of here, fast back to the US. I do not understand what our law makers and all these people screaming about the illegals being treated unfair, do they know what that word “Illegal” means. If I do something illegal I would be arrested. So why are they different, they have broke the law and came into the US illegal, so that is a crime.
    When our government finally wakes up we will be a third world country, run by gangs and illegals. It is like all things it seems that our country does not learn from it mistakes. Read history and try not to repeat it.

  4. Dan bushey on May 1st, 2010 12:39 pm

    I am a U.S. citizen. There are many citizens who are, anti Arizona law, and anti-enforcement of illegal aliens. I am NOT one of those citizens!! I support and commend immigration laws and ENFORCEMENT. No where in the Arizona law, does it state race, or what illegal aliens “look like”. It also does NOT, say “go after people who look Mexican”. Those people who oppose ENFORCEMENT of our immigration laws, and efforts to control entry and any immigration law, are violating the principles and standards of good citizenship!! Persons who entered our country, and remain, are in violation of immigration laws, ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS, and are subject to full intent of the law. Supporters of illegal entry and thusly illegal aliens, are NOT GOOD CITIZENS!!! They encourage and support violations of our laws!! The Citizens, of the United States, does NOT HAVE TO allow ANY people into our country!! I and every U.S. citizen have the Right:: Obligation: and Duty, to control immigration into our country! Immigration enforcement, is NOT racial profiling, nor is it racists!! Controling immigration, and ILLEGAL ENTRY, and ALL immigration, thru laws, is my Right: Obligation: and Duty, as a GOOD U.S. CITIZEN!!!! Those persons that oppose ENFORCEMENT of immigration laws are NOT, true American citizens!! I WILL go to the streets of my country to protest and OPPOSE those that support ILLEGAL ALIENS, and ENFORCEMENT. I will do this, accomplish my Rights: Obligation: and DUTY,— BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY!!! So, be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGNED: DANIEL L. BUSHEY

  5. lonny lundquist on May 19th, 2010 6:54 pm

    get rid of all the mexicans.they have taken over everything thing. this is america sick of my tax dollar paying to keep them up. our government is stupid take care of the people here all they care about is other coutries opinion. who cares they can they can shove it

  6. lonny lundquist on May 19th, 2010 6:55 pm

    send them all back to mexico where they belong

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