Gardner Blames Rage At ‘State Budget Cuts’ For Girl’s Deaths

May 1, 2010

California (ChattahBox) – In what is probably one of the more ridiculous excuses from a psychopath to have been uttered, John Gardner has blames the murders of Amber DuBois and Chelsea King on anger over “state budget cuts”.

According to Gardner, he was angry over budgets cuts in the state of California, and that it caused him to stalk, attack, and then kill the two girls He even blamed school cuts on DuBois even having been walking for him to abduct, assault and then kill in the first place.

“I was in a major rage and pissed off — pissed off at my whole life and everybody that’s hurt me and blew up, and I hurt the wrong people.

“I hate myself. I really do. There is no taking back what I did. And if I could, yes I would, are you kidding me? But I was out of control. If I was able to stop myself in the middle of it, I would have. And I could not. I was out of control.”

But his remorse can’t be that strong. ABC reports that when they asked him after this statement if there were other victims, he started laughing.

He has also not explained how his rage over those cuts related to the attempted assault on 23-year-old Candice Moncayo, or his 2000 molestation of a 13-year-old girl.

A 16-year-old girl has also come forward and named Gardner as the man who tried to abduct her in 2009, and police believe there is be several other victims or attempted victims.

But it is all the recessions fault, eh Gardner?



11 Responses to “Gardner Blames Rage At ‘State Budget Cuts’ For Girl’s Deaths”

  1. Jessica on May 1st, 2010 12:33 pm

    This has got to be the worst article that I have ever read. He NEVER said that he killed those girls because of state budget cuts. Whoever wrote this is a pretty sad creature and shouldn’t be allowed near the work’s computer. He said that if there were more bus schedules, she would probably still be alive because he wouldn’t be attacking people in a school bus! Because she was walking alone, he had the opportunity to strike. As you even quoted, he was upset because of his whole life’s problems-being molested continuously by a female family member, being homeless, etc. Get your facts straight. This is just embarassing.

  2. Vista on May 1st, 2010 2:13 pm

    What terrible reporting. An obvious attempt at paraphrasing the ABC News article, but the content is skewed. JAG blamed his rage AND the budget cuts to the bus system that forced Amber to walk to school. This article needs to be removed from the internet entirely. Get the facts right.

  3. olivia on May 1st, 2010 6:19 pm

    Vista & Jessica – If you indeed are two separate people, I wanted to point a few things out to you:

    He did indeed blame his rage on budget cuts within the states as a partial source of his rage, as well as for DuBois not being on the bus. Neither of which is an effective ‘excuse’ for killing her. I did put in his anger with his life and those who had mistreated him by including the quote in which he said so. There is no excuse in the world that would make what he did to those girls (and the others he has assaulted) alright.

    My tone was based off of the fact that he has attacked other before…DuBois not being on a bus was as irrelevant as King being alone on a hiking trail. The idea that you are attempting to deconstruct my wording and accusing me of paraphrasing is laughable. I smell serial killer groupies, and I refuse to be insulted by women who are trying to make it out to be that he had a reason other than being a violent psychopath who vented his rage and sick fantasies on two young women, who are now dead.

  4. John on May 1st, 2010 10:11 pm

    No did not did. He was asked if Amber’s death was preventable, and his answer happened to encompass budget cuts for the state. He attacked Amber and Chelsea, and these are his own words, because of an anger problem that he could not control that was the result of the interplay between childhood abuse, mental disorders, and events that transpired later in his life.

    He never offered excuses and stressed that so much it was actually annoying. Later he mentioned that laughter was from nervousness stemming from bi-polar disorder. Course these are all his own words so we can reasonably doubt the veracity of his accounts a little bit, but there is no doubt that the author of this column has written something with no basis in reality.

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  10. Vista on May 3rd, 2010 12:47 am

    Is English a second language for you, Olivia? Much as you distorted John Gardner’s own words, you also distorted my comment. “Serial killer groupie”? Hardly. My original comment was targeted towards your poor reporting. Your over the top response to my comment has simply further erroded your credibility. Have you even seen the interview? If you had, you would recognize that your headline is misleading and your reporting is erroneous.

  11. Jessica on May 3rd, 2010 3:00 am

    Oliva–haha, wow. That was the most amusing response I could have ever imagined receiving from you. You ASSUME that we are serial killer groupies (for what reason may I ask?) and therefore refuse to be offended by our responses?

    Could you have even tried to pick a more intelligent and well thought-out response than that? If more people commented on this article of yours, I will guarantee that most, if not all, would have the same tone that our responses have had. Your article just doesn’t make sense and that is the bottom line.

    These murders happened in my hometown and have devastated everyone. To accuse us of being serial killer groupies and to suggest that we are not upset about these deaths because we disagree with your elementary-style article is insulting. Your article is poorly researched with blatant lies. Don’t try to blame others because you chose the wrong field in life.

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