Beck: Mother’s Day Progressive ‘Scam’ Dreamed up by ‘S.O.B. Woodrow Wilson’

May 3, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-This is a quiz, so try and keep up. What does Glenn Beck hate more than anything in the whole wide bizarro world he lives in? If you answered progressives or progressivism you are correct! The self-described progressive hunter Beck also uses the term at varying times, when the mood strikes, to describe horrific evil such as President Obama, which overlaps with Marxists, Communists, socialists and Fascists. Commies, pinkos, Obama, Nazis, progressives, Obama, Woodrow Wilson—What was that? Woodrow Wilson is a Commie, pinko progressive too? Yep. According to Beck, Woodrow Wilson is the all time number one progressive bastard, who is much more evil than even, Hitler who is responsible for exterminating six million Jews and mass murderer Pol Pot. And you know what else that “S.O.B.” Wilson did that is unforgivable in Beck’s eyes? He dreamed up Mother’s Day as an evil progressive “big business scam.”

During Beck’s talk radio program, he began to read copy for an ad from Vermont Teddy Bear Co., promoting Mother’s Day gifts, but insted Beck went into a tirade against the holiday honoring Mothers, declaring he hated it and he hated Woodrow Wilson for starting it:

BECK: “Our sponsor this half hour is the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Vermont Teddy Bear is getting ready for Mother’s Day weekend. Can you believe Mother’s Day week — by the way, Sarah and I were talking on Saturday and she didn’t believe me, or it was on Friday, and she didn’t believe me. And I said, Mother’s Day, it’s a scam. It’s a big business scam. And I said, I bet it was started by Woodrow Wilson. Look it up, Sarah. And she didn’t. I said, look it up. She’s like, no, I’m not going to look it up. I said, look it up, I’ll bet you, I’ll bet you. Mother’s Day? Started 1914. Woodrow Wilson. Hate that guy. Love my mom. Hate the holiday. Now, you could go to Hallmark because Hallmark and Woodrow Wilson would like you to do that. But there’s something new from Vermont Teddy Bear. Three handmade teddy bears in pink, green, and white. The bears are scented, each one with a different scent: strawberry, watermelon and cupcake. It’s like a bouquet of flowers, only it’s a bear bouquet for life…”

Hahaha, what a bizarre rant—even for conspiracy-theorist-in-chief Glenn Beck. First off, Woodrow Wilson didn’t “start” Mother’s Day. A day honoring mothers first began in the U.S. in 1858 and later became commonplace in most states, by 1912. Two-years later Wilson signed a Congressional proclamation establishing a national Mother’s Day.

And Beck’s hatred of Woodrow Wilson, designating him, as more evil than Hitler, is just insane. During one of his programs in February when he was ranting against the progressive menace, Beck said about Wilson: “I hate that S.O.B.! He was an evil, evil dude,” who did more to fundamentally change America than anyone…anyone”

How can you “hate” Mother’s Day?



2 Responses to “Beck: Mother’s Day Progressive ‘Scam’ Dreamed up by ‘S.O.B. Woodrow Wilson’”

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  2. Tommie on October 12th, 2010 12:48 am

    Love it when Beck gets worked up over Woodrow Wilson. I was never a WW fan. But to skip over FDR and go after WW was sheer genuis. Plus it lets Beck tie in to the Titanic and Fed all at the same time. The culture wars will be going on for a long long time. Beck has inspired an entire generation. God Bless Glenn Beck.

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