Scarborough on Gingrich’s Obama Nazi Rhetoric: ‘Sick’ and ‘Shameful’

May 20, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Disgraced former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich, has been making the media rounds selling his new book, “To Save America,” drawing direct comparisons between President Obama and notorious mass murderers Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. On this morning’s MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman, took aim at Gingrich’s offensive rhetoric, calling it “sick and “shameful.”

During the program, Scarborough brought up Gingrich’s recent Nazi and Stalin remarks, disgusted with the disgraced Speaker’s offensive vitriol:

“Saying Barack Obama poses as much as a risk as Stalin and Hitler— that’s sick, that’s just sick, said Scarborough. I hope you sell a lot of books Newt.”

Scarborough then talked over his co-host Mika Brzezinski, still referring to Gingrich’s irresponsible language as “sick,” saying “I hope you apologize for that shameful remark.”



2 Responses to “Scarborough on Gingrich’s Obama Nazi Rhetoric: ‘Sick’ and ‘Shameful’”

  1. Chico on May 21st, 2010 7:19 pm

    I’m sorry, does no one remember the previous president and everyone in his administration being referred to as a Nazi and worse than Hitler by every Democrat. Dick Durbin compared our soldiers in Gitmo to Nazis — on charges that turned out to be false, by the way. The Democrats didn’t even CALL the last guy “President.” He was just “George Bush.” There were books, plays, articles, posts — even a MOVIE — dreaming of his assassination and calling for it. Newt Gingrich is a dope, but is this really the reason why? Our politics have become replete with this: Anyone you don’t like is a Nazi. You had eight years to be outraged under Bush and weren’t, so, you lose your chance to act shocked — shocked! — now.

  2. SHARON L. COOPER-LYONS on May 26th, 2010 7:38 am


    I woke up to Morning Joe and it made me sick for the day. I think our problems in this country does extend from the low quality of news commentators. They will never be the news people of the past. There is a constant put down of our president with everything he does. This morning it was all about the fund raiser he attended. Then the jokes at this dinner. Well, how can someone put it any better than grade school playground conversation? There are matters that were brewing for the last several years. Where were the news media? Praising George Bush and his neglect of this country. Where were the news media when the partying and the drug parties were going on? Where was the news media when jobs were kicked overseas? Important jobs with the military contracts? Where was and is the media when families were being killed by public shootings everywhere? In schools? To put together the crisis in this country? Maybe the fear of going against the NRA? After all these are just good citizens and children. The answer is more guns. Do you mean children should be armed with guns too? In many of these shootings the household had guns, just couldn’t get to them. I guess more guns is the answer, right? How about the Bush administration asking for 800, 000, 000, 000.00 dollars for something they didn’t see coming? Who believed that? The media did. It just snuck right up on them. They didn’t hear the billions they were appropriated constantly with no way of paying it. The billions unaccounted for that just disappeared. The billions that were stolen. The give a ways. Need I go on? Too busy praising the name of Bush. Now look at you. People were warning you. You just couldn’t see it. Why?

    Now all you can do is trash this president. Why? He has a mess to clean up. I know you have no answers because you wouldn’t be spending time putting down the president. Why aren’t you bashing these CEO’s and those who pushed for less regulations and less government? You know the Bush self-governing approach. Don’t worry about it, they will do the right thing. WHAT KIND OF ADULT BELIEVES THAT?????? Think about it. Who is that stupid? As you continue, where are the Republicans? Hiding? Attending fund raisers? Golfing? Or trying to find a new way of saying NO!? We have the answers, just don’t say anything but no. Then yell about the deficit and spending. That way the people can’t hear us yelling for help—MONEY!!!!! The state needs federal help. We ran these states in the ground. Yet– let’s secede. Let’s hide the fact we need federal money desperately. The news media will fall for it. Poor John McCain. Too much spending, yelling for federal help. He gets help, twice, and he says it isn’t enough. Let me repeat this, it isn’t enough. No one has the intelligence to say, “How can he keep asking for money? What about the deficit???? What about the states solving their own problems as the conservatives say? Statehood. What about the spending of money –paying people like Sarah Palin big money to speak a grade school message? Irresponsible. Those who want to start another war with no money. Stupid! Hey, where are the Cheney’s these days?? Too big of a task to find out?

    Well, I rather listen to our president tell a few jokes, THAN TO LISTEN TO THE MEDIA PROTECTING THE BIGGEST JOKERS EVER.

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