IFC’s ‘Fear’ Profiles Tea Party’s Hate ‘Rebellion’

May 24, 2010

(ChattahBox)—The Independent Film Channel is taking a look at the underbelly of the fear-mongering that drives the tea party movement, promoted by Fox News personalities and funded by GOP astroturf organizations. Author and journalist Max Blumenthal is shown traveling to the heart of right-wing darkness in Alabama, where teapartiers threaten to “curb-stomp” commie pinkos and “patriot” speakers warn tea party groups about the consequences of Obama taking away their guns: enslavement. Blumenthal returns to New York, luckily in one piece, to examine the “powerful consortium of Republican corporations and pressure groups” fueling the tea party movement.

IFC’s 30-minute documentary on the tea party movement is appropriately entitled, “Fear” and is part of the channel’s powerful award-winning Media Project series, which also examines war, greed and disaster.

IFC describes the documentary, as an expose of the behind-the-scenes fear and hate-mongering carried out by the GOP and Fox News for political purposes:

“We follow Max Blumenthal deep into the heart of the Tea Party movement, trying to uncover what it is, exactly, they’re so afraid of and along the way discovering that this “grassroots uprising” might not be so organic. Beginning with Obama’s election, we quickly recap the disintegration of political discourse. Fear sells! and in politics, Fear Works, and as Max discovers, the GOP and FOX News know exactly what they’re doing — stirring up a fearful rebellion, hoping it might topple a President and swing the 2010 midterm elections.”

In “Fear,” Blumenthal asks the question: Is the “tea party movement really a spontaneous uprising?” And he concludes no, it is not. He points to astroturf groups, such as FreedomWorks, which have spent millions promoting and organizing tea party protests, to whip up excitement for the mid-term elections.

Blumenthal snidely refers to FreedomWorks’ founder Dick Armey, as having an “ironic name.”

“Fear” airs Monday night on the IFC channel.

Watch a preview:


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