Justice Department Prepares Legal Action Against Arizona

May 27, 2010

(ChattahBox) – The Justice Department has drafted a challenge to the Arizona immigration law that has set the entire country against the state, calling in unconstitutional, and saying that the leaders overstepped their bounds.

The two main issues the Justice Department has named in the draft are the fact that Arizona’s law pushed an immigration precedent that would impede federal jurisdiction, and the fact that it can be easily abused to profile based on race.

The civil case is the first step in a possible legal challenge against the law, which would have to be approved by the White House.

Not only is the DoJ against the law, but police officials, legal authorities, politicians and citizens within the state have raised hell, trying to have it repealed.

Likewise, other states have lashed out, and some cities have boycotted all trade.

Other cities are threatening the same, and many have refused to offer any tourism, all moves that will severely strike where it really hurts: the state’s treasury.

In response, Arizona redrafted the bill, but nothing significant was changed, and the same concerns remained.

The law has been called racist, profiling, and outdated, with some pointing to the civil right’s laws of the past as a comparison.



2 Responses to “Justice Department Prepares Legal Action Against Arizona”

  1. Brian Kern on May 27th, 2010 4:42 pm

    Olivia, thanks for this really lopsided unbalanced liberal look at the facts behind the Arizona law. Your impartiality impresses me, as does the fact that you forgot to mention that seventy percent of Arizonians and a similar percentage of ALL AMERICANS support the efforts of the Arizona government.

  2. olivia on May 27th, 2010 5:42 pm

    Brian – Actually, I think you will find they don’t. It isn’t support of the law, but of certain parts of the law. Specifically, four parts that dictate arresting and deporting those in the country legally on a federal level. The “seventy percent” you mention is, I am guessing, the 2/3 of people asked that support the view that illegals working in the country without some kind of work visa or temp status hurt the country.

    Of the harsher measures in the law, 45% support deporting illegal workers, and 28% support letting them stay while applying for citizenship.

    The highest poll number supported the use of policemen to help enforce immigration, but with a strict adage that dictates what constitutes ‘reasonable suspicion’. The Arizona law is full of loopholes, and opportunities for abuse. Which is what the problem is in the first place. It offers nothing for proper reform.

    I think you will find my “lopsided, unbalanced, Liberal look” at the facts are not so unreasonable.

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