Breitbart Compares Fake Pimp O’Keefe to Undercover ‘Borat’

June 2, 2010

(ChattahBox)— This is really rich. Now that the fake ACORN pimp and Andrew Breitbart protege, James O’Keefe has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of entering a federal building under false pretenses, he is back at work misleadingly editing undercover video. What is the fake pimpster’s latest shocking revelation? While working undercover as a census worker, his supervisor permitted him 10 extra minutes for his lunch break and he was allegedly paid for more hours than he actually worked. OMG! No freakin way!

What a joke. And Brietbart is now making the media rounds with O’Keefe claiming his criminal boy-wonder is an “American hero” and his undercover “journalism” is just a harmless version of actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictional movie character Borat.

The right-wing comedy team of Brietbart and O’Keefe, aka, “Borat,” began its clownish media tour on ABC’s Good Morning America with host George Stephanopoulos, to a less than stellar reception, after it was pointed out that O’Keefe heavily edited his so-called damaging evidence of census wrongdoing. Imagine that. O’Keefe left out a clip that went against his narrative, showing a census supervisor demanding accuracy in workers’ time sheets. So much for Brietbart and O’Keefe’s claims that their edited videos prove a pattern of “systemically encouraging employees to falsify information on their time sheets.”

During an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio program to promote the fake Census expose with O’Keefe’s selectively edited videos, Brietbart piled on his support of O’Keefe’s antics, citing the fake ACORN pimp as a hero and a “Borat” type journalist. Does Brietbart realize Borat is a fictional character created by actor Sacha Baron Cohen in an off-the-wall comedy film? While spewing his nonsense, including the suggestion that O’Keefe should be on the cover of Rolling Stone, Beck encouragingly prodded Brietbart along:

“James O’Keefe took down ACORN — I think he’s an American hero. He would have been on the cover of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair. He probably would have had a reality show —- James O’Keefe is inspired, not to just to James O’Keefe undercover videos, it’s to inspire other young people —now old people too, why not?—to go undercover and report the things that the mainstream media won’t report. And he has done it while in peril in Louisiana for basically doing what Borat does — wearing an outfit or going there in order to get the story. That’s what he pleaded guilty to — that misdemeanor, for doing what he blatantly and admittedly does — trying to point out that Mary Landrieu was not answering her phones and lying about it.”

Got that? O’Keefe the undercover “journalist” put himself in great “peril” just like Borat, to expose Sen. Landrieu’s busy phone lines, during the contentious healthcare debate.

U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval has a different take on O’Keefe’s undercover “Borat” antics:

“Federal buildings and federal officers have been and are the target of threats, and on occasion the victims of acts of violence,” reads the judge’s order. “Deception is alleged to have been used by the defendants to achieve their purposes, which in and of itself is unconscionable. Perceived righteousness of a cause does not justify nefarious and potentially dangerous actions.”

Joe Conason of Salon hilariously and aptly described the recent Brietbart, O’Keefe media sham:

“As usual, both of them utter a variety of falsehoods and exaggerations, with O’Keefe insinuating that Sen. Landrieu is “corrupt” without a shred of evidence, and Breitbart claiming that ACORN employees “set up a prostitution ring in every single office” — a lie so fantastic that even he must know it isn’t true.”

“Soon enough, O’Keefe will be on to his next target. Are you an Amtrak conductor who gave incorrect change? A sanitation worker who took a long coffee break? A schoolteacher who used too much chalk? Beware.” Haha.

Take a listen to Brietbart’s unntentional hilarity on Glenn Beck’s show:

Photo source: Wickimedia Commons, James O’Keefe/Ryan Gravatt, Sasha Cohen as Borat/User Skssoft, Michael Bulcik / SKS Soft GmbH Düsseldorf, cropping by User, Hammersoft


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