Fellow Inmate Claims Madoff Is Hiding $9 Billion

June 21, 2010

US (ChattahBox) – Bernie Madoff is back in the headlines, after an unidentified prisoner close to the Ponzi schemer told the New York Post that he had hidden away $9 billion in three different accounts.

According to the anonymous source, Madoff knew the feds were closing in, and so sent $3 billion with three close friends or family members to hide the assets.

But Madoff is allegedly worried that his partner, Frank DiPascali, is coming forward with the three names in order to cut a better deal, and reduce his own prison sentence.

The idea that he has hidden away some of the fortune he amassed during his criminal ripoff isn’t surprising. But would he really brag about it to other inmates?



One Response to “Fellow Inmate Claims Madoff Is Hiding $9 Billion”

  1. Tanya Young Williams on June 22nd, 2010 1:37 am

    Bernie Madoff – No guilt, No remorse, 9 Billion Dollar Lie (LMAO) Grandstanding Psychopath? by Tanya Young Williams

    How many families has the callous acts of Bernie Madoff affected? When the story is big enough for the media to continue to circle the circus tent – inevitably many, many lives have been exposed and destroyed during the process – NOT because of the media process.

    Bernie is a selfish, narcissistic, egotistical, dark human being. He has financially ruined the lives of thousands of people, yet (if we are to believe recent reports) he has the audacity to play the victim because he is spending the rest of his life in jail versus them just being financially devastated.

    A very talented and respected journalist from the New York Post, Dan Mangan, wrote an article in the June 21, 2010 edition suggesting that Madoff has 9 billion dollars tucked away somewhere. To the average reader, there might appear to be some plausibility to this story; but to one who knows the mind and the actions of a sick – questionably psychopathic – individual like Bernie Madoff, I can tell Dan and the readers what is really taking place here.

    1. There is no money tucked away with 3 people. Sickos like bernie and my estranged husband Jayson Williams will say and do anything not to appear BROKE and to continue to be to focus of conversation. Having money, real or otherwise, is power in our society and they want and need power.

    2. It is important to be the BIG Fish. Bernie Madoff needs to be “the man” as described in Dan Mangan’s piece. To that end, every time he can plant information with another inmate and it hits the news, he is celebrated by his new audience of fans.

    3. Bernie is an habitual liar. Not much more is needed here. His years of deception to his family, friends, colleaguesand investors confirms this point. You have to be a fantastic liar to pull off the Ponzi scheme of the century.

    Mrs. Madoff’s family has been torn asunder financially, emotionally and socially. As she continues to see and support her husband, she does not fully understand, do to the biological and psychological effects of trauma, that she is dealing with a sick man who is merely using her so he continues to control his last possession. I pray for Mrs. Madoffs strength and clarity.

    To the families devastated by Bernie Madoff deplorable actions, my prayers are for your recovery of peace and financial prosperity. Share your story, continue to unite to make sure that the hell Bernie Madoff sent you to, will not be visited by other trusting investors.

    You are Prepared to live through this Moment

    Tanya Young Williams

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