Reporters Caught on Hot Mic: Palin is Pure ‘Dumbness,’ ‘Can’t Finish a Statement’

June 27, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-Drama and vengeful divisiveness is a trademark of half governor Sarah Palin. And her panned speech last night at a fundraiser for California State University, Stanislaus was no exception. Her incoherent, rambling remarks were cheered on by a roomful of 370 fans, paying $500 per plate for the privilege, while she trashed President Obama, California Attorney General and Democratic candidate for Governor, Jerry Brown and student-reporters, Palin derisively referred to as “dumpster divers.” If not for a live mic, as reporters and crew in another room joked about her “dumbness” and inability to “finish a statement,” Palin would have happily pranced away pocketing her reported $75,000 speaking fee. End of story. But, the mocking off-the-cuff comments made by journalists forced to sit through Palin’s stomach-churning “roller coaster” ride of a speech, with “shit flying out of everywhere,” became the story instead. Channeling Peggy Noonan’s famous hot mic remarks, referring to McCain’s pick of Palin as his running mate, “political bullshit;” when they think no one is listening, journalists reveal what they truly believe about the Fox News pundit and acknowledge the dumb elephant in the room. And it ain’t pretty.

Palin’s appearance at the cash-strapped university, caused controversy from the moment she was hired, when the private school-based foundation refused to reveal her speaking fee. Jerry Brown was prompted to conduct an investigation, a watchdog group sued the university and student-reporters discovered remnants of Palin’s contract in the school dumpster, creating more outrage in the university community, at the lavish details of her contract demands. Her contract perks supposedly included, bendable straws with her bottled water, deluxe hotel suites, transportation by a private Lear jet, or first-class commercial air travel and ground transport only by SUVs.

As usual, the media was banned from the event, including reporters from the school newspaper. But the media was allowed to carry a live feed of Palin’s speech in a separate room and aim their cameras at a TV screen.

Although Palin was giving a speech at a university, she spoke little of education, but instead took pot shots at students, Democrats, the President and others, in between quoting Alexis de Tocqueville and invoking John F. Kennedy.

Panning Jerry Brown’s investigation, Palin said, “Jerry Brown and friends, come on. This is California. Do you not have anything else to do? There’s not a whole lot of controversy here. There’s no ‘there’ there. I’m just happy you stuck with me and didn’t cancel on me.”

And about those student’s sifting through the trash for her controversial contract:

“Students who spent their valuable, precious time diving through dumpsters before this event in order to silence someone … what a wasted resource,” she said.

“A suggestion for those Dumpster divers: Instead of trying to tell people to sit down and shut up … spend some time telling people like our president to finally stand up,” added Palin.

After her speech was over, the unidentified all male reporters and crew remaining in the media room, were flabbergasted at the vapid “dumbness” of Palin’s speech:

“Oh my God! I feel like I just stepped off of a roller coaster! Go round and round and up and down and shit flying out of everywhere and standing.”

“Remember when you had to write a report as a college student and you just tried to jam in as many quotes as possible? You know, from as many random things you could get, you know, that’s what I got.”

“I got she didn’t ever finish a statement.”

“Did she make a statement? Cause I didn’t catch that either.”

“I think she said, “Hi” and “Thanks.”

“To think she could even quote Kennedy.”


“You guys have a tough job; I don’t know how you’re going to make a story out of that.”

“Well… that’s the story. I mean, the story of the story.”

“Now I know the dumbness doesn’t come from just soundbites. I saw the whole thing.”

Another reporter present, said he was going to send a text to his “conservative friends” about the debacle.


The Fox40 affiliate in Sacramento was providing the live feed, but the station denies the disparaging comments were made by its reporters or crew, blaming the hot mic comments on “reporters assembled from other newspaper and television outlets.”

“The comments overheard were made by reporters assembled from other newspaper and television outlets, and at no time was the voice of our photographer heard on the stream. It’s very likely that those reporters and photographers were unaware, or simply forgot, that there was one television station with an open microphone broadcasting to the world,” read the statement from Fox40.

And Fox40 is not offering an apology. “Unfortunately, there’s no way to immediately identify the photographers and reporters making commentary following Sarah Palin’s speech, and it would be inappropriate for FOX40 News and to apologize on their behalf.”

So far, Palin has not taken to her Facebook to post a vengeful “I’m the victim” rant, but there’s still time. And no doubt her Fox News colleagues will come to her defense.

Watch it:


5 Responses to “Reporters Caught on Hot Mic: Palin is Pure ‘Dumbness,’ ‘Can’t Finish a Statement’”

  1. Eric on June 27th, 2010 6:34 pm

    I take it, this writer was one of those smart@$$’s in the peanut gallery?


  2. Mike R on June 27th, 2010 10:58 pm

    1st: obama = massive, massive, massive DISASTER

    2nd: voted obama = your opinion ZERO

    3rd: obama did one thing as US senator = RUN FOR PRESIDENT. he was elected by the people of IL which means he vowed to serve & represent. HE DID NONE OF THIS, used office to run for president & still accepted a salary!!!! NO HONOR

    4rd: point 3 demonstrates obama has ZERO honor, ZERO respect for those that elected him & ZERO experience as senator

    5th: HE IS A QUITTER. He not only did he quit a quarter through is senate term but quit on the people of IL. ZERO HONER, ZERO RESPECT, ZERO CLASS

  3. bielie on June 28th, 2010 5:41 am

    Instead of telling us that a lot of journalists thought she made a dumb speech, why not give us the speech she made and we can decide for ourselves?

    Or are you scared that we may find *gasp* that her speech was not stupid?

    I have found a severe disconnect between liberal journalists opinion of Palin’s speeches and the reality of her speeches before.

    Which proves that you have to have an IQ of at least 90 to understand what she says.

  4. Old Man Dotes on June 28th, 2010 12:02 pm

    Anyone who has sat through one of Palin’s “speeches” is aware that she’s not quite as intelligent as the average cow. Perhaps if you watched something other that Faux News you’d learn some facts. I doubt it, but it’s not completely impossible.

    And those of you ranting against Obama might want to keep in mind that he’s handling the mess left by his GOBP (sic) predecessor reasonably well, with a time set for wihdrawal from one of the wars Shrubya started and a good grasp of what will be needed to end the other one.

    Or you can continue to demonstrate that you are bigoted and ignorant, and willing to destroy America if only it brings down the Black President that has you sh*tting your pants every night.

  5. StevenX on July 6th, 2010 7:39 pm

    You don’t even have to say “stupid” any more. Just say “Palin” and everyone will know what you mean. Anyone who thinks she isn’t stupid is dumber than her. And she’s counting on your stupidity every time she cashes a check, as you take the crap in your mouth and say “Please, Miss, may I have another?”.

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