CNN’s Kurtz: Is Obama President Because He’s Black? (Video)

July 11, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Howard Kurtz thinks hate talker Rush Limbaugh has a point, when he says the only reason Barack Obama was elected president is because he is black. Is our social discourse so poisoned now by overheated right-wing and race-baiting rhetoric that even a seasoned journalist, such as CNN’s and the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz can’t identify vile racism when he sees it? And why would Kurtz give coverage to Rush Limbaugh’s bigoted vitriol, except to point out that he doesn’t belong in polite society? Who knows, but it was a sight to see this morning on CNN, as Politico’s Roger Simon completely shut Kurtz’s absurd narrative down, by plainly stating the obvious. Rush Limbaugh’s race-baiting attacks on President Obama are “racist and repugnant,” said Simon. And what was Kurtz’s response? “Why racist?”

During the July 6 edition of Rush Limbaugh’s talk radio show, he again returned to making race based attacks on our first black president, saying President Barack Obama, a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law School, former state lawmaker and U.S. Senator, would be working in a low wage job, if he were white, instead of serving as President of the United States:

“If Obama weren’t black, he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu or he’d be teaching Saul Alinsky constitutional law or lecturing on it in Chicago,” said Limbaugh.

Kurtz apparently believes Limbaugh made a valid point and asked Roger Simon what he thought:

KURTZ: “Did You find those comments to be the usual Limbaugh rhetoric?”

SIMON: “You mean did I find them to be racist and repugnant? Yes, I found them to be racist and repugnant.”

KURTZ: “Why racist?”

KURTZ:: “Can a case be made at least on part of this, that were Obama a white freshman senator he wouldn’t have beaten Hillary for the nomination?”

SIMON: “I think anyone who beat Hillary for the nomination had something going for them besides race. Let’s be fair. His race was not going for him.”

Can a case be made that CNN’s ratings are in the toilet, because of mind-numbing punditry like this? Yes, it can.

Watch it:


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