Tides Group Condemns Beck-Like Rhetoric ‘Inciting Unbalanced People to Violence’

July 22, 2010

(ChattahBox)—A non-profit group is calling on the right-wing media to stop stoking fear and “inciting unbalanced people” to commit acts of violence. Last weekend a heavily armed anti-government zealot decided to murder workers at the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation; a progressive organization committed to social justice and environmental causes. Have you ever heard of the Tides Foundation? Fox News’ Glenn Beck has. The conspiratorial Beck, has been scribbling the name of the Tides Foundation on his chalkboard, almost weekly, in his campaign to link progressive causes and President Obama to scary socialist, Marxist and Nazi plots. And last weekend, one of his apparent viewers, Byron Williams, 45, a convicted felon, mad at the “left-wing agenda” started a gun battle with police, after being stopped for speeding, on his way towards the city, where he planned to “start a revolution” by gunning down officials at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation.

The fanatical Williams, on parole for two bank robberies, strapped on body armor, armed himself with a shotgun, rifle and handgun, and began driving to San Francisco to carry out his progressive bloodbath. Luckily, the California Highway Patrol stopped Williams before he reached his destination.

But he started a 12-minute gun battle with police that miraculously ended with no CHP officers hurt.

“He reloaded his weapons when he ran out of ammunition and stopped only after officers shot him in areas of his body not covered by his bullet-resistant vest, authorities said.”

Williams’ mother told police her son became angry while watching the news on television and was upset by “the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items.”’

The website Dagblog first reported on the apparent connection between Williams’ targeting of the little-known Tides Foundation and Glenn Beck’s Fox News program, finding repeated references to the group on Beck’s chalkboard rants:

“The ACLU is a well-known bogeyman of the right wing, but the Tides Foundation, a progressive non-profit organization founded in 1976 to promote social change, is a less familiar name. Why did Williams target a little-known non-profit in order to incite a revolution? Just ask Fox News…”

Salon also conducted a search through Beck’s transcripts for references to Tides and discovered it was a favorite conspiratorial target of Beck’s. And Beck mentioned Tides during two of his programs, less than a week before Williams embarked on his “revolution” on July 18.

On July 13 Beck said about Tides: “Well, they [progressives] have the education system. They have the media. They have the capitalist system. What do you think the Tides Foundation was? They infiltrate and they saw under Ronald Reagan that capitalists were not for all of this nonsense, so they infiltrated.”

Beck frequently attempts to cast Tides and other progressive groups as dangerous, shadowy organizations bent on the destruction of our country.

Alarmed at being targeted by the violent and fanatical Williams, incited to violence by Glenn Beck-like right-wing rhetoric, Tides issued a statement calling for civil discourse and condemning “partisan voices who label activities of which they disapprove by suggesting they are “anti-American” or some other epithet.”

Tides CEO Drummond Pike urged media figures to be more responsible with their choice of words.

“One does not win an argument by inciting unbalanced people to violence. As Americans, we know we are best at solving problems when we reach broadly across boundaries for the best of ideas. Intolerance that closes our eyes defeats our aspirations,” wrote Pike.

Beck frequently portrays progressives as dangerous and violent. Media Matters compiled a list of his vitriolic and incendiary remarks in a lead up to promoting his progressive expose dubbed “Revolutionary Holocaust.”

Below are a few stunning examples:

“Beck: Progressives “are sucking the blood out of the republic” and are “gonna start getting more and more violent.”

Beck: “To the day I die, I am going to be a progressive hunter.”

Beck: “[Y]ou will have to shoot me in the forehead before you take away my gun” and “before I acquiesce and be silent.”

Beck: “This game is for keeps”; “[Y]ou can shoot me in the head … but there will be 10 others that line up.”

Beck: “There is a coup going on. There is a stealing of America”: “God help us in an emergency.”‘

Beck often denies he’s a fearmonger promoting violent acts. He just acts like one on TV.


5 Responses to “Tides Group Condemns Beck-Like Rhetoric ‘Inciting Unbalanced People to Violence’”

  1. Old Man Dotes on July 22nd, 2010 6:06 pm

    You lkknow, “inciting to riot” is a criminal offense, and since Beck is doing it on national television repeatedly, and the network executives at Faux News apparently approve (since he keeps doing it), it becomes “conspiracy to incite to riot.” The apparent purpose of the riots that Beck is inciting is the overthrow of the duly-constituted Government of the United Sates of America.

    Thus I have demonstrated that Glenn Beck and the management of Fox News have conspired to attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States of America by force and violence. The short term for such a conspiracy is “treason.”

  2. Christy on July 23rd, 2010 3:12 am

    1. Learn what “incite to riot” means,
    2. Learn what free speech is now before they take it away from you.

    You are asking for censorship?! What is wrong with you?

    “Urging or instigating other persons to riot, but shall not be deemed to mean the mere oral or written (1) advocacy of ideas or (2) expression of belief, not involving advocacy of any act or acts of violence or assertion of the rightness of, or the right to commit, any such act or acts.”

    Maybe you should actually make some effort to see first-hand what you are talking about before you talk about it.

    I don’t like what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. What about you?

  3. Roy on July 23rd, 2010 8:07 am

    “Beck: Progressives “are sucking the blood out of the republic” and are “gonna start getting more and more violent.”

    So he suggests that the other side is going to get violent. Isn’t that what this article is doing? Beck predicts violence from the Left, the Tides foundation claims the Right is pushing violence. There’s no difference in behavior, only in who they see as the villains.

    For what it’s worth, Beck has spent some quality time exhorting people not to be violent, too. http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/39452/

  4. Ben on July 26th, 2010 10:06 am


    On principle I agree with you, but here is where I get a bit hazy on the whole free speech argument.

    What Beck says is not only hateful, it is also complete BS.

    I mean, if someone goes to a simple minded person and repeatedly says “That guy over there would rape your mom, I’m not saying he has yet, but he’s wants to and he will!” and the simple minded person goes an shoots ‘that guy over ther,’ is the insitgator not responsible and legally culpable?

    Becks conspiracy theory hate speech is just that. “They want to destroy America!” “Bloodsuckers” “This is how it started in Nazi Germany” all the while underwritten with a “what’cha gonna do about it” theme

    and on and on. The show is nothing but hour upon hour of demonizing people because of their political viewpoints, and offering up no substantive proof that any of it is factual.

  5. Kara on August 6th, 2010 12:52 am

    If it weren’t for Glenn Beck, I probably would not yet have heard of the Tides Foundation; but because of him, I looked up what they are all about and learned a lot. I thank him for that. He can’t be responsible for some crazy person’s violence anymore than certain movies or games can be blamed for violent tendencies shown in children exposed to them. If Beck is lying, the answer is to show that he’s lying, speak out in truth and shut him down that way. His rhetoric cannot cover up truth. However, if he is not lying, his rhetoric will only enhance facts; and all the hatred in the world will not make his listeners change their minds.

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