Michael Savage: Hawaiians May Return to ‘Cannibalism’ After Kicking ‘White Man Out’

July 23, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Controversial Shock Jock Michael Savage, who peddles a daily mishmash of race-baiting, bigotry, hate and wild conspiracy theories to millions of listeners from his syndicated perch at Talk Radio Network, is on the extreme edge of the kooky right-wing fringe. He makes hate talker Rush Limbaugh look positively endearing at times. Savage, banned from entering the UK because of his hate speech, jumped the shark a long time ago with his incendiary vitriol. For that reason, this writer usually ignores his World Net Daily-supported conspiratorial nonsense. But there are times, when Savage even outdoes himself. His latest rant declaring that Hawaii would return to the dark days of “cannibalism” after kicking out white people, is one of those times.

Savage made his “cannibalism” remarks during his July 19 radio program, The Savage Nation, wherein he also mocked the Hawaiian language. Although Savage lived in Hawaii for a number of years and even obtained a degree from the University of Hawaii, he apparently didn’t soak up any of the culture, preferring to engage in race-baiting and promoting hateful stereotypes depicting Hawaiians as savages:

“I loved Hawaii. I lived there many many years, it’s an interesting all syllables. But you don’t know about that are they going to be independent very soon. I don’t know how they’re going to make a living, they’re going to kick the white man out then what they going to have cannibalism again, oops sorry,” said Savage during Monday’s show.

After his incendiary remarks, KHON2 in Hawaii took issue with Savage’s “atrocious” claim that Hawaiians were once human-flesh eating cannibals.

Vicky Holt Takamine of the Ilioulaokalani Coalition, said “We’ve never kicked anybody off of our ‘aina, never. And to claim that we’re cannibals that is just atrocious.”

“Bastardization of our Hawaiian language let alone English you know syllables, he never learned much from the University of Hawaii when he was here,” said Holt Takamine. “I think that we as native Hawaiian people are alarmed that this kind of mentality still exists in today’s world.”

Savage has previously taken aim at autism, calling the condition “a racket” designed to get disability payments for “poorer families who have found a new way to be parasites on the government.” And he was fired from MSNBC in 2003, after his infamous attack on a caller, “as one of those sodomites,” adding “You should only get AIDS and die, you pig; how’s that?”



7 Responses to “Michael Savage: Hawaiians May Return to ‘Cannibalism’ After Kicking ‘White Man Out’”

  1. Barrack Omama on July 24th, 2010 12:17 am

    The owner of the radio company is to blame for his misbehavior. I can’t believe that he lived in Hawaii before and not learn the lesson of it’s culture.

    Savage is as savage does – life is like a box of toilet paper, sometimes there will be stained ones.

  2. ewok on July 24th, 2010 12:23 am

    What is this garbage? I have never hear a more unfair analysis of a great man. Labeling him is as a shock jock is ignorant propaganda as he is simply a man analyzing the facts. The bias here in this article (take the “. . . daily mishmash of race-baiting, bigotry, hate and wild conspiracy theories to millions of listeners from his syndicated perch at Talk Radio Network, . . .” as an example of hypocrisy of the author of this article. What a bunch of trash by “Sue”

  3. Koma Wea on July 24th, 2010 9:01 pm

    ‘Aue. He kanaka na’aupō ‘o Savage. ‘A’ole ‘ike ‘o Savage ka mo’omeheu o Hawai’i. He mea lapuwale o kēia mau ‘ano kanaka. ‘O Savage ke kūkae o ‘Amelika Hui pū ‘ia. ‘O Limbaugh ka puka kahiko o ‘Amelika. Mamake kēia mau po’e e ho’olaha i nā mea ho’okae’ana i te ‘āina nui. Aloha ‘ino.

  4. TeeBee on August 5th, 2010 4:38 pm

    @Barrack Omama:

    “life is like a box of toilet paper, sometimes there will be stained ones”

    So you buy boxed, used toilet paper? A roll of Marcal is only $0.89.

  5. kurt on August 9th, 2010 5:45 pm

    sue needs a few lessons in journalism. love hawaii and spent manny years there with a diverse life experience worked in local 369, had USC classmates that padled for outrigger. it is one of the most race negative places in the world. “Kill Haole day” Ring a a bell. It’s a day picked by Hawaiian school kids to systematically beat and harass white childern that is totoally tollerated by teachers, officials, and students.I am dark, speak pidgeon and have almond eyes and so tended to have it really good but have seen many times chicken hearten packs of locals beat and harrass the tar out of individual, usually much smaller men.

    Michael savage is an American hero, world class double Phd scholar from UC Berkley, no less and the author of five New York Times #1 best sellers with 10,000,000 listeners. Get your facts straight biggot enabler.

  6. peter rabbit on August 11th, 2010 10:19 am

    Savage is a jerk but this leftextreme site aint much better.

  7. Aloha on December 8th, 2010 3:54 pm

    Michael Savage is clearly uneducated about the Hawaiian culture. It is one thing to live in Hawaii and another to be educated about the Hawaiian culture. First off, this is clearly relating to the “Myth of Savagery” just like the “Kill Haole day” these are non-sense racist remarks that are untrue. I don’t care if you worked at the local 369 and had USC classmates that padled for outrigger this does not make you an expert in the Hawaiian culture your just a fabler that wants to add more delusive facts to this situation. Hawaiians were not cannibals. They want back the lands that is rightfully theirs. Whats the peoblem with that? The only problem I see is people not being educated properly about the Hawaiian culture or their people. If Hawaii was givin back to the Hawaiians we would not kick the white people out I don’t know where you got that information from, the only thing that would change is the Laws and the title of Hawaii. Meaning we are not the 50th state and everyone will have to abide by the Hawaiian Kingdom law when in Hawaii. Benefiting the people of hawaii. Also the money will be recirculated in hawaii not to the US or other organizations. So get your facts straight. The violence in Hawaii is the same type of violence everywhere. And for your information Hawaiians are loving, caring, respectable people that does not cause violence without reason. I mean seriously Hawaii was taken over illegally and they still offer ALOHA to everyone that comes here. Haole bashing and violence is another myth produced to keep the Hawaiians from taking back what is rightfully theirs. But like every road bumb out there you need to just get over it. Michael Savage needs to learn how to hold his tongue and stop speaking nonsense or like his last job he will be unemployed. And another thing people “Haole” does not mean white men it means people who are foreign. Hopefuuly the Hawaiian people can get what is rightfully theirs and restore PONO. “Me ke aloha pumehana. Malama pono!”

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