GOPer Buck Laments Birther ‘Dumbasses at the Tea Party’

July 26, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Ken Buck, Tea party senatorial primary candidate in Colorado, like most Republicans, has performed a delicate dance courting the energy of the tea party, while attempting to distance himself from the extremist birther fringe. But Buck’s birther ballet recently turned into a faux pas two-step, when he was caught on tape, calling the tea party birther lunatics “dumbasses,” before appearing at a campaign event in which he fully expected the issue to come up. Since the tape and the story was published by Politico and the Denver Post on Sunday, Buck has been quickly backtracking, as fast as his cowboy boots will take him. Buck explains he was “frustrated” and “shouldn’t have cussed,” adding “he regrets the remark.”

During the long campaign trail, Buck, backed by teapartier Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), has fielded numerous questions from kooky birthers, whom believe that President Obama is an illegal alien.

He let his guard down before a Democratic tracker and the following comments were recorded:

“Will you tell those dumbasses at the Tea Party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I’m on the camera? God, what am I supposed to do?” Buck says.

Buck campaign spokesman Owen Loftus , told Politico Buck was wrong to air his frustration in front of a Democratic tracker.

“Ken points out he does gets frustrated at times with those individuals pushing those issues. He shouldn’t have cussed. He regrets the remark. He was venting his frustration to a Democratic tracker and he shouldn’t of,” said Loftus.

Buck’s spokesman also sought to downplay the flap with teapartiers, by casting the birther issue, as not important compared to other issues.

“He’s referring to those small groups that really are just missing the bigger picture here. I think the Tea Partiers are looking at the much bigger picture and the issues of the deficit and health care and that we need to stand up to the establishment and change Washington,” said Loftus.

If Buck is tired of answering questions about President Obama’s birth certificate, then he should rightly condemn birtherism as race-based foolishness, but he won’t. And neither will most Republicans courting the tea party vote.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post’s Plum Line, said it best.

“Here’s a suggestion, Ken: Clearly state that birtherism is insane, and that anyone who continues trafficking in it is delusional and should shut up immediately, for the good of your party and the country.”

Buck is facing a hotly contested primary challenge from establishment candidate and former lieutenant governor, Jane Norton.

Buck’s campaign has been marked by gaffes. He recently was criticized for injecting gender into the campaign when he said people should vote for him, because he doesn’t “wear high heels.”

Norton and Buck have also been busy during the campaign trying to out right-wing each other. During a campaign appearance for Buck, nativist bigot, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, said President Obama was the “greatest threat to the United States today.”

Buck later sought to distance himself from Tancredo’s overheated rhetoric. But Norton put the right-wing pressure on, saying there was a “real measure of truth” to Tancredo’s remarks.

Buck then one-upped Norton, saying the entire “progressive liberal movement,” presented a grave threat to America.

The entertaining primary takes place August 10th. Buck and his cowboy boots are leading in the polls.


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  1. Jan on October 10th, 2010 11:07 pm

    “…he shouldn’t of…”????


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