FOX News Fails To Mention “Evil Terror Mosque Supporter” Is Network Owner

August 25, 2010

US (ChattahBox) – This isn’t technically news, but apparently it will be to many people who swallow the utter garbage spouted by FOX News and especially their morning show. FOX has been demonizing an unnamed “evil” man who is filtering millions into the mosque near Ground Zero. What they fail to mention is that man, who they mysteriously won’t name, co-owns their network.

Basically, the second largest shareholder of FOX, second only to Rupert Murdoch, that unending douche that whether you like FOX or not has got to get on your nerves, is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a Saudi Prince who is one of the largest contributors to the mosque that is causing a huge controversy in NYC.

Why is this relevant? Because FOX has been spouting off constantly about this “evil project”, and mainly asking where the money is coming from. Their implication is that by using the same stupid roundabout logic that doesn’t actually prove anything but looks good, we can create some kind of full circle to prove this mosque is about terrorism,  and I am still not completely clear on how that makes sense.

This is incredibly ironic, considering that man they won’t name is one of their networks owners. Which is why I am posting a clip from the Daily Show, which I think puts it best: if you are against the mosque near Ground Zero, you have to stop watching FOX. Literally, as they are technically funding it by funding the man who is one of the largest contributors to the project.

Now, before I am accused of being biased on this issue (though it doesn’t matter, since the facts are the facts whether I like FOX or not), I want to say I don’t care about the mosque either way.

It is not on the Ground Zero site, just vaguely near it, and so the argument that it is somehow disrespectful seems stupid to me. But, it is also not fostering peace and understanding for Muslims, and is instead creating a lot of conflict. So, the entire concept of the project also seems stupid to me. In the end, I don’t care, but I think if you are listening to this paranoid, fear mongering drivel, you should know the truth.

FOX is notorious for misleading the public. For those that want proof, why not watch the video below, or do your own Googling into the man that they are demonizing. Then ask yourself why FOX didn’t mention that the co-owner of their network is the man they have mysteriously forgotten to name: is it because they are lying, or they are stupid?

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One Response to “FOX News Fails To Mention “Evil Terror Mosque Supporter” Is Network Owner”

  1. Old Man Dotes on August 25th, 2010 1:24 pm

    Faux News is a propaganda arm for the racist neo-Nazi organization called “the Tea Party.”

    If I were the prince, I’d have Murdoch killed, and then I’d buy out his shares from his estate. Then I’d fire all the writers and editors at Fox and hire less-bigoted people.

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