Westboro Baptist Church Pepper Sprayed At Military Funeral

August 29, 2010

Paranoid hate monger, Fred Phelps.

US (ChattahBox) – I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but smile a tiny bit at this story; the Westboro Baptist Church, extreme religious nuts who are known for their websites such as GodHatesFags.com, have been attacked with pepper spray while picketing a Marine’s funeral.

They are known as the Most Hated Family In America, a term coined by documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux, who spent time with the Westboro Baptist clan for a film he did for the BBC. The group consists mostly of family members of leader Fred Phelps, a former civil rights activist turned psycho.

The extreme conservatives first came to the attention of the non-crazy public when they began picketing soldier’s funerals as they came home dead from Iraq and Afghanistan. The dissent was a part of the rampant anti-gay ideology of Westboro, and of Phelps especially, who sees oddly obsessed with the idea that homosexuality and its’ acceptance is a major reason for the wars.

According to him, it is God killing our soldiers, not another extreme religious sector that just happens to useĀ  suicide bombings instead of pointless and offensive protests.

The funeral being picketing this time was of 26-year-old Staff Sgt. Michael Bock, who died during his tour of the Helmand province earlier this month.

A man in a truck drove past and sprayed a large can out of the window, hitting several members in the face before trying to drive away. He was stopped a short distance later by police who witnessed the incident.

George Vogel was arrested on 16 misdemeanor counts of assault and one felony account of assault on an officer. The 62-year-old, like much of the country, had been enraged by the shouted abuse at family members of the soldier, and the signs with slogans like “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

While there is no excuse for violence, and Mr. Vogel should have never assaulted the pathetic wastes of air from Westboro, I can’t help but feel a small dark glimmer of satisfaction to see some of the venom being spewed back into the faces of such a hateful group. If only they wouldn’t include the poor children being brainwashed with their filth in the demonstrations.


One Response to “Westboro Baptist Church Pepper Sprayed At Military Funeral”

  1. Morely Dotes on August 29th, 2010 6:33 pm

    Actually, they’re lucky. It would take me about ten minutes to find a squad of fellow military retirees with assault rifles, to eliminate the WBC if they choose to show up to protest the funeral of any of our children. Vogel was being merciful.

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