Islamic Center Has Been Politicized….Can We All Take A Deep Breath Now?

August 30, 2010

(ChattahBox) – A Kuwait-born Imam who is leading the construction of the Islamic Center that has been causing a massive freak out all over the country has made a statement saying that the issue has been heavily politicized. You think?

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the one in charge of the project, but he has been remarkably quiet about the issue. He spoke for the first time about it this week, where he told those he spoke to while on a religious tour of the Gulf that he was sure it was being politicized.

Of course it is. Elections are in November and the Republicans in particular are riding the issue like a mule that is struggling to take a few final steps before collapse. The Democrats are jumping on the bandwagon on either side, trying to appear to either the Liberal and Moderate votes, or to the Conservative and Oh God Crazy Conservative votes, hoping either side will win them a majority.

The media has been promoting the ridiculous misinformation about where it is being built and what the cultural center is, as well as FOX News actively misleading their viewers about who is funding it. The so-called “Liberal media” is turning it into a race war when it is really more of an issue of people’s lack of understanding about what they are fighting against.

In the meantime, real racists have been setting fire to mosques and stabbing cabbies, and those of us who don’t really care either way are remembering the controversies whipped into a frenzy in the past several elections when Congress was up for vote.

From the point of view of someone who doesn’t care but sees what this is turning into, I have a suggestion for everyone involved: shut up and make a few concessions. Why don’t we show those in Washington that we aren’t puppets they can manipulate with dirty election tricks for once, huh?

Muslims for the project: Move the center. I know, I know, it isn’t about disrespect and you feel like you shouldn’t have to give into those who you feel are ignorantly biased against your religion. Your cultural center is about fostering peace and understanding on behalf of Muslim Americans. But it isn’t working, obviously, so shut up and move it a few blocks, OK?

For non-Muslims against the project: Fund the center. I know, I know, you don’t support it. But if they move it a bit and show a willingness to compromise, can’t you show you support of the original message and that concession by one of your own? By providing a public show of support like an investment you would be going a long way towards generating peace instead of baseless paranoia, while showing Muslim Americans you understand they are not to blame for the extremists who attacked our country.

For everyone else not involved but shouting the loudest: shut up. Really, and on both sides. Just shut up, or else do something to directly involve yourself in a solution. I am so sick and tired of the shrill anger that is permeating such a non-issue. Imam Rauf is right, it has been politicized. Sadly, he is helping to further that by not finding a workable compromise.


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