Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin a Ticking ‘Time Bomb’

August 31, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Meghan McCain, daughter of the former Maverick Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is out with a new book chronicling her behind-the-scenes experiences NOT having “crazy sex” in the back of her dad’s 2008 presidential campaign bus. In it, she laments being deprived of tormenting Mitt Romney’s five “seriously wholesome” Mormon sons on the campaign trail, after then-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was tapped as her Dad’s running mate instead of Mitt Romney. Of Palin, McCain described Palin as “the Time Bomb” who brought a whirlwind of drama to the campaign. And she calls Palin’s selection as the Republican vice presidential candidate, a “line between genius and insanity.” Well, we know now which side of that line Palin falls. Thank you Sen. John McCain for thrusting this divisive ignorant woman on us.

Now nearly three-years later, Meghan McCain told GMA’s George Stephanopoulos, during an appearance to promote her book, that she is left with conflicting feelings about Sarah Palin.

The book entitled, “Dirty Sexy Politics,” is described as Meghan McCain going “behind the scenes on the campaign trail and in the spotlight to discuss why she thinks the Republican Party has veered from its roots.”

Despite the book’s title, and lots of talk about campaign “crazy sex,” Meghan says she had none of that, but instead she relieved stress by swearing and dancing on the campaign bus.

“But while my father was making a bid for the presidency, I didn’t have a death wish – which meant absolutely, positively, no crazy-sex for me. It was the kind of decision that has “SURVIVAL SKILLS” written all over it.”

ABC posted some excerpts from Meghan’s tome. Let’s take a look at her prose, as she writes about the Romneys:

“The night before it was announced that Sarah Palin would be my father’s running mate for vice president, I went to sleep joking with Shannon and Heather about what it would be like campaigning across the country with five married Mormon men and all those baby grandchildren of Mitt Romney. My roommates and I had lots of jokes about the Romneys, who seemed doomed to join the campaign any second. They were all so handsome, in a tooth-whitener commercial kind of way, and so seriously wholesome. We wondered whether The Five Brothers, the nickname for the Romney sons, could handle the constant drinking and swearing that went on in our campaign – the press corps included. Not to mention all the tawdry stories about crazy-sex that you never read about.”

When Palin was chosen instead of Mitt Romney, McCain says Palin swept into the campaign leaving lots and lots of drama in her wake. And after the disastrous, now famous, interview with Katie Couric, the tension grew worse when Palin blamed others for her poor performance.

“Katie Couric’s interview with her before the vice presidential debate had been disastrous. Unhappy with her performance, Palin seemed to blame the interview on the campaign. And she continued to blame other poor interviews and snafus on the campaign too,” McCain writes. “Sarah Palin. She was turning out to be somebody who leaves a wake of confusion and chaos — to the point of dizziness — wherever she went.”

“She was not just an overnight success or even a political Cinderella story. She was a sudden, freakishly huge, full-fledged phenomenon. It seemed too much. And it seemed too easy,” McCain writes.

Today, Meghan McCain says she respects Palin as “a Republican feminist,” but she wouldn’t say if she would vote for the “Mama Grizzly.” And she doesn’t blame Palin for her father’s loss, but writes in her book that at one point she wondered if it “was Sarah Palin’s fault.”


5 Responses to “Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin a Ticking ‘Time Bomb’”

  1. katy finch on September 1st, 2010 8:41 pm

    Megan is just being sour grapes as far as her dads campaign blaming the loss on Sarah Palin, there are many who like her just fine and then there are those who try to bring her down with what ever they can come up with.

    The loss falls on John McCain’s shoulders fully, not that I didnt like him or his speeches that said stand up…never give in etc those were great but,when you have someone as John McCain that sounds like a munchkin or a screeching beaver from the forest vs Obama sounding like a lion of the king jungle when he spoke methodically and slowly and inflecting his voice down, with authority and control that person is going to seem like someone you can count on.

    Which are you going to choose? the stiff screeching beaver or the laid back king of the jungle. We have seen it before… Bill Clinton =laid back and well spoken vs. Bob Dole stiff and get of my yard type guy. And Again Al Gore super stiff , stiffy vs. George Bush laid back have a beer. pat you on the back, bbq with the guy. And there was Kerry, stiff stiff super stiff against good old bbq George Bush.McCain lost because of his personality and delivery, among other things.

    The American public elect someone they can relate to, beer, bbq,comical, down home not some stiff high brow, not some stiff suffed shirt.

  2. C. Duffek on September 5th, 2010 11:56 am

    Speaking of “ignorant”, how can you subtract 2008 from 2010 and come up with three years? Ignorant.

  3. Sue on September 5th, 2010 12:19 pm

    C. Duffek:

    Speak for yourself. You purposely, or ignorantly left out the modifying word “nearly.”


  4. Debbie on January 28th, 2011 6:21 pm

    I would have voted for your father, but when Sarah Palin came on the scene I knew it was trouble. Jonh Mccain is true to his beleives I think I know this in my bones!!!! she cost your father the election!!! she is bad news!!! Keep up the good work!!! I am African American I beleive this!!! She is trouble for both parties!!!!

  5. Armandina Hielscher on April 18th, 2011 12:01 pm

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

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