Obama Remembers 9/11: ‘We Responded to the Worst Kind of Depravity With the Best of Our Humanity’

September 11, 2010

(ChattahBox US News)—President Obama devoted this week’s address to the nation in remembrance of the horrors of the terrorist attacks of September 11, to honor the victims and their families and to remind us of our ‘humanity.” And the “human capacity for good,” in the face of evil. Leading up to the ninth anniversary of 9/11, has been dominated by a frightening wave of hate and anger directed towards members of the Muslim faith, resulting in acts of violence. The proposed building of an Islamic community center two and a half blocks from where the Twin Towers fell, has been used by the right-wing and Fox News to wage a renewed campaign of Islamophobia. Prompting one extremist Florida preacher to threaten to burn Qurans, as part of his attention-seeking “Islam is of the Devil” campaign. In the wake of anti-Islam hate, Obama called on us to reject hate and bitterness and not allow ourselves to be “defined by fear.”

President Obama recalled the horror we all felt as a nation nine-years ago on this day.

Today, we pause to remember a day that tested our country. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 lives were lost in the deadliest attack on American soil in our history. We will never forget the images of planes vanishing into buildings; of photos hung by the families of the missing. We will never forget the anger and sadness we felt. […]

Obama honors and prays with “the families of those who died. We mourn with husbands and wives, children and parents, friends and loved ones.” And he remembers our heroes who courageously gave their own lives on that day to save others.

On this day, we also honor those who died so that others might live: the firefighters and first responders who climbed the stairs of two burning towers; the passengers who stormed a cockpit; and the men and women who have, in the years since, borne the uniform of this country and given their lives so that our children could grow up in a safer world. In acts of courage and decency, they defended a simple precept: I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper.

The President reminds us that despite experiencing one of the darkest days in our history as a nation, we all came out of it together as one people.

And on this day, we recall that at our darkest moment, we summoned a sense of unity and common purpose. We responded to the worst kind of depravity with the best of our humanity.

While reaffirming his commitment to our national security and continued vigilance against al-Qaeda, President Obama reminds us that, simply put, good always wins over evil.

So, each year at this time, we renew our resolve against those who perpetrated this barbaric act of terror and who continue to plot against us – for we will never waver in defense of this nation. We renew our commitment to our troops and all who serve to protect this country, and to their families. But we also renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil, but the human capacity for good. Not the desire to destroy, but the impulse to save.

So, today President Obama calls for unity and not division, during a time of economic distress for our country. And Amen to that.

“This is a time of difficulty for our country. And it is often in such moments that some try to stoke bitterness – to divide us based on our differences, to blind us to what we have in common. But on this day, we are reminded that at our best, we do not give in to this temptation. We stand with one another. We fight alongside one another. We do not allow ourselves to be defined by fear, but by the hopes we have for our families, for our nation, and for a brighter future. So let us grieve for those we’ve lost, honor those who have sacrificed, and do our best to live up to the values we share – on this day, and every day that follows.”

The full transcript of the President’s remarks can be found here.



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