Gingrich: Obama Put America ‘On Food Stamps’

September 12, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Disgraced former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich is out shilling his new, very scary 9/11 terrorist movie. And while he has the media’s attention, he is also taking the opportunity to demonize President Obama as a scary black man, who was probably born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim. And he is leaving no stone of cheap opportunistic political demagoguery unturned, in his quest to fearmonger, by calling for his followers to “Wake Up and Smell the Jihad.” And if they can refrain from being terrified for a few moments, please shell out $19.95 plus $4 shipping, for his scary anti-Islam horror flick, entitled “America at Risk: The War With No Name.”

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Gingrich sunk to a new low, if that’s even possible at this point, by reverting to race-baiting dog whistles. According to Newt, the country was in great shape during the Bush era, except of course when Bush’s policies nearly destroyed our entire economy. And to prove his point, he says President Obama’s policies have created a country on “food stamps.”

Gingrich explained his brilliant economic plan to host Chris Wallace. Wave a magic wand while repeating George Bush’s name like a mantra, reduce unemployment to 5 percent and increase revenue.

If only President Obama was blessed with Gingrich’s wisdom, all would be right with the world. But instead, our first black president has put America on food stamps and welfare.

This president has set an all-time record for the number of Americans on food stamps. That’s not where you want to go. You want to go to a pay check, not a food stamp, said Gingrich this morning on Fox News Sunday.

Gingrich must have read the latest tea party newsletter, which Photoshopped an image of Obama on a food stamp coupon. Haha, get it? Black people are on food stamps and welfare.

Gingrich went on to defend the Bush policies, insisting if we traveled back in time to Bush-2008, all the current economic problems would disappear. How? Gingrich reasons, “just by not spending the money.”

Oh, and if only President Obama would stop buying big screen TVs and Cadillacs with America’s credit card.

NEWT: Look, when you have a 16-year old with a credit card who doesn’t think the bills come due, you can never get caught up because they will just charge more. The President of the United States has radically increased the size of the federal government since Bush left office. John Boehner has correctly proposed, the Republican leader in the house, let’s go back to the Bush’s 2008 budget. And you could save like something like a trillion-300 billion dollars just by not spending the money. So, we balanced the federal budget in the 1990s, which we did for 4 years. We controlled spending and we cut taxes simultaneously. And we reformed government.



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