Message From A Former President: Clinton’s Advice for Obama

September 17, 2010

US (ChattahBox Political News) – One of the biggest problems with people in this country is that they require immediate gratification, and seem to be under the ridiculous notion that everything will fix overnight. You have people actually saying “What has Obama done?” and freaking out over decisions that will take years to show the benefits, ignoring the good that will come from it. According to Bill Clinton, Obama needs to confront these people to make his case.

The former leader also faced major defeats in his party back in 1994, and he resolved the problem by going around the country and speaking to the people in a clear, concise way about what he was planning to do, how long it would take, what would happen and why…and it worked.

“I’d like to see the president go around the country and explain it just like I did, say we’ve stopped digging,  and then talk about what we need to do now,” he told Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

“How we are gonna get out of this. How America’s best are days ahead. How are we going to reduce the role of government in the economy and have a private sector that works again.”

But how do you speak rationally to people who don’t understand what Socialism means and throw it around like a working accusation? Or who actually make ridiculous statements like “The coming Socialism/Marxism in this country”, and yet have no idea what Marxism actually is and how laughable it is that they feel like it is something that could be established in today’s America anyway.

How do you argue with people who don’t realize that a great deal of this country has been nationalized for a very, very long time, and think that it equates to a Communist government. Do you drive of private roads? Do your kids go to public school? Have you ever used a state community center? These are run by taxes, and yet the notion that we could have a health care system run on a public option that would be part-tax, part-personal responsibility – an option that should have been well received by those wanting to limit government interference – were shot down by people who believed Palin’s lobbyist funded lies about “Death Panels”.

How do you calm people down who would turn against a man doing everything (literally) that he said he would in his campaign, but are angry because they weren’t immediately effective? Or who think there is some kind of shadow plan to put this country under the control of a government meant to control the populace?

I don’t know if it is paranoia that is spreading or just stupid, but it is amazing to me how quickly the country forgot the errors of the Bush-era, and what can happen when you let baseless fear rule your head.

So, Clinton’s advice may be positive, and it might even work. But with the type of people he would have to convince, it might not be as effective for Obama as it was for our last Democrat president.


One Response to “Message From A Former President: Clinton’s Advice for Obama”

  1. Tom S. on September 19th, 2010 1:53 am

    Maybe if he hadn’t bailed out the banks that now won’t loan money for anything, cars or homes, I’ve tried even with my VA loan guarantee ( guarantee-joke!) nothing doing !
    He bails out the Stock Market but doesn’t get rid of the dirivitve salesman who created the gas mess that still costs us $1.50 more per gallon than its worth, and he has a super majority in both houses and can’t even pass health care with a public option.
    The FAILURES ARE ENDLESS ! Everything he touches goes to hell in a hand basket so although I am definitly not in glenn becks corner I am not for this loser and his democrat criminals assiting other criminals get away with the biggest STOCK AND REAL ESTATE SWINDLES IN HISTORY !

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