Texas Once Again Shows Crazy Side, Wanting To Ban “Pro-Islam” Textbooks

September 21, 2010

Texas (ChattahBox U.S. News) – Conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education are considering a move to preemptively block any “pro-Islamic bias” in school¬† books, a rather paranoid measure that would be held up under the discretion and opinion of what would constitute an unfair leaning towards Muslims in educational texts.

I am not entirely certain what they think “pro-Islam bias” would be. Certainly, it isn’t a major phenomenon in this country, whatever the extreme Right who have shown themselves to be rather bigoted would have you believe. But some board members are already on the defensive.

According to RAW, Randy Rives and several others are terrified of some kind of anti-Christian bent being applied to textbooks, and that immediately means it will foster terrorism. It is a bit of a convoluted argument, where they claim that from this it will begin to shift focus to the positives of jihad.

A lot of the fear seems to come not from the mention of Islam in textbooks, but portions of textbooks that refer to Christians as violent invaders….during times when they were, in fact, violent invaders. The examples cited are the crusades between the 11th and 15th centuries.

So,  basically an accurate portrayal of the orders of religious leaders within Christian Europe centuries ago means books need to be more heavily censored, because this could lead to them turning our kids to terrorists?

Anyone else thing whoever is proposing this measure is an idiot?


One Response to “Texas Once Again Shows Crazy Side, Wanting To Ban “Pro-Islam” Textbooks”

  1. Tee Jay on September 23rd, 2010 12:44 am

    Islam does not mean Peace. The translated Arabic word “Islam” means “submission.” It is not an exaggeration to state Islam has a goal of dominating all other religions, as well as eliminating “offensive” Western democracies. This objective has remained unchanged since the perverted pedophile prophet messenger Muhammad demanded conversion or death. Muslims are dedicated to your death or submission. A moderate Muslim is a non-practicing Muslim. Let us never forget that after the Twin Towers fell in New York City, there were mass celebrations by the so-called moderate Muslims.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is well established in America. They are creative and far reaching in their attempts to spread the world of Allah and to show their hate for all non-Muslims who they call “infidels.” They are now indoctrinating young Muslim children into radicalism in boy scouts and summer camps. At some of those “Summer Camps” children spend their afternoons sitting indoors, listening to speakers that preach “the way of Jihad” for true believers of Islam. Speakers usually are well known in the field of Islam and they instruct Muslim youth on the mission of Jihad.

    All civilized prople must do their part in the absolute destruction of this satanic Moon-god religion. The first step to victory is the education of American citizens to the danger that lives among them. Most of Europe is already lost. Because of multiculturalism, “Muhammad” is now the most popular birth name in Europe and there are now more Islamic mosques in England than Christian Churches. It is time to wake up America! We must drive all Muslims from our land before it is too late.

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