Christine O’Donnell LinkedOut of LinkedIn, After Education Fakery

September 30, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—This story is getting stranger, and stranger still. After education falsehoods were discovered on Christine O’Donnell’s LinededIn page, her spokesperson pushed back against claims of resume fudging, as early as September 15, but mentioned nothing about the profile being fake. O’Donnell’s LinkedIn page said she attended the University of Oxford and Claremont Graduate University. She didn’t. And despite years of claiming she earned an undergraduate degree form Fairleigh Dickinson, she didn’t officially obtain her degree until just this month. And there is the matter of her false claim in a lawsuit against a former employer that she was prohibited from pursing graduate courses at Princeton. The Republican senatorial candidate from Delaware and former witchcraft dabbler, now blames the Princeton falsehood on a mistake by her lawyer. And about that error-ridden LinkedIn bio, O’Donnell now claims it was unauthorized and possibly placed online by her political enemies. LinkedIn has now taken down the O’Donnell page at her request, but has offered no additional details about its creation. If you think this all smells fishy, join the club.

As Greg Sargent of the Plum Line reports, O’Donnell’s spokesperson said nothing about the LinkedIn page being fake, when he contacted the campaign last Friday for comment, before publishing his story on O’Donnell’s Oxford falsehood.

“As the person who first reported yesterday on the Oxford claim on O’Donnell’s LinkedIn profile, let me be clear: I asked O’Donnell’s spokesperson, Diana Banister, for comment on the profile’s Oxford claim last Friday. Banister never once claimed the profile wasn’t put up by O’Donnell. Indeed, in response to my inquiry, Banister justified the claim on the LinkedIn profile by pointing to O’Donnell’s stint at Phoenix Institute.”

“Nor did O’Donnell’s spox dispute that the LinkedIn profile was hers when I again emailed her yesterday to let her know I was close to publishing. And, needless to say, O’Donnell hadn’t taken any steps before today to get the profile taken down, though it’s possible she didn’t know about it.”

Sargent further points out that AOL News also contacted the O’Donnell campaign about the false University of Oxford claim on September 15, and there was no mention at that time, of the LinkedIn page being unauthorized.

Yesterday, O’Donnell released a statement, denying that she or her representatives authored the LinkedIn page.

“There have been reports that I have released false information on a LinkedIn profile under my name. This is categorically untrue. I never established a LinkedIn profile, or authorized anyone to do so on my behalf. I have always been clear about my educational background. I completed undergraduate work at Fairleigh Dickenson University. After my undergraduate work, I completed a summer program run by the Phoenix Institute, at the Institute’s Oxford University location. The Institute runs programs around the world at various universities, and participants study issues of human dignity. I also completed a Lincoln Fellowship at the Claremont Institute in Claremont, CA. We would encourage LinkedIn to remove this profile.”

A LinkedIn spokesperson responded to an email inquiry of Sargent’s confirming the company removed O’Donnell’s profile, but demurring from the claim it was unauthorized.

‘”We have taken the profile down. That’s all we are confirming,” LinkedIn spokesperson Shannon Stubo emailed me. “It was taken down in response to Christine O’Donnell’s request. This is not an acknowledgment that the profile was fake.”‘

As this writer reported yesterday, O’Donnell, in her role as an extremist right-wing Christian advocate, had previously suggested that lying was a sin and not acceptable, even if Hitler showed up at her door and asked if she was hiding Jews.

“The lie, whether it be a lie or an exaggeration, is disrespect to whoever you’re exaggerating or lying to because it’s not respecting reality,” she said.

The fringe extremist candidate for the U.S. Senate was apparently against “a lie or an exaggeration,” before she was for it.


One Response to “Christine O’Donnell LinkedOut of LinkedIn, After Education Fakery”

  1. majii on September 30th, 2010 3:53 pm

    The information revealed about O’Donnell in this article is one reason why many of these far rw candidates don’t want to speak to members of the MSM or to blog owners. They don’t want to be questioned about anything they say, so they run to Pox and rw Christian groups that allow them to make claims without scrutiny.

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