Remember who trashed this house

October 12, 2010

(ChattahBox Op/Ed News) – “When are you going to stop blaming George Bush and start blaming President Obama?” This is a typical answer given by Republican politicians, talking heads, regurgitators and my friends with whom I debate when discussing our current economic issues or the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. My answer is “When it’s no longer primarily George Bush’s fault”.

Months prior to President Obama’s inauguration President Bush’s administration had finally come to grips with it’s disastrous economic policies and determined that our economy was crashing. In September 2008 Bush proposed a 1.8 Trillion dollar bail out for the financial industry. Think about this, a conservative president was so terrified of what may happen if the federal government did not immediately act in a dramatic fashion that he pushed for 1.8 TRILLION bucks be spent to prop up a industry which in large part brought us to the brink of economic depression. This was not President Obama’s fault and it certainly wasn’t his idea to bail out Wall St. Heck, he was still a Senator from Illinois running against the next president of the United States. At least that’s what we thought at the time. So, on January 20, 2009 President Obama (probably shocked, I’m sure Hillary was) was sworn in as president facing challenges few presidents before him had faced.

To illustrate this point President Bush became Commander in Chief to a peace time military. Our financial house was in order thanks to eight years of a Democratic presidency. And Ally McBeal was still on the air before being cancelled in May. (I’m not saying it was Bush’s fault, I’m just sayin’….) Bush walked into a job with comparatively few problems. Bush and his boys treated this country with the same disregard that the guys from “Animal House” treated their Dela frat house.

Just like there was no way the Delta house was going to be put back together in quick order there is no way our economy will either. What took years to ruin will take years to fix.

The real question in this debate is, “Why does it matter that we blame anyone?”. It matters because we vote. We have short memories and tend to reflect only on the immediate. We tend to believe what we heard on TV last night and completely forget how we got here. It’s important to keep things in perspective and vote accordingly.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that the Obama administration is doing everything right. I’m sure they’re not. But economics is a strange science. What we do today may not be felt for months or even years. Then it will be his to blame or herald. So, when you vote this November remember why we as a country are struggling. Remember that a Democratic president gave George Bush and the Republicans a brand new shiny house. And then recall the parties they threw for their friends and the trashed mess they left the house in.

It matters who was in power when things were good and it matters that we remember who was responsible when things went badly.  The next time someone asks you, ““When are you going to stop blaming George Bush and start blaming President Obama?”, tell them, “When it is no longer primarily George Bush’s fault”.


One Response to “Remember who trashed this house”

  1. majii on October 13th, 2010 2:11 pm

    I’ve noticed how many conservatives refuse to accept their responsibility for the disaster that was George Walker Bush, and that they have invested lots of time and money into projecting their failures onto democrats and President Obama. For all their claims of being the “Party of God,” they sure don’t mind lying. As a Christian who reads and studies my Bible everyday, I know that it says that Christians should always seek justice in every instant. The behavior of these CINOs is appalling to me. They have been led by their media, politicians, and pundits to accept a lie as truth. The Bible teaches Christians that this is very dangerous, and that they will be held accountable for their actions.

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