Manhunt 37-Year-Old In Teen Wife’s Brutal Murder After She Begged For Protection

October 14, 2010

California (ChattahBox Crime News) – A shocking story today out of California; a 19-year-old student was found brutally murdered in a campus men’s room, allegedly by her 37-year-old estranged husband who had kidnapped her once before.

Armando Gabriel Perez is on the run after his teenage wife was found dead by another student. Diana Gonzalez was difficult to identify, they said, because her injuries made it hard to see her face. But fingerprints confirmed her name, and her family was alerted.

What makes this story so tragic is the details leading up to her horrifying death. She met Perez when she was only 16-years-old in a shopping mall, and he was well into his 30’s. She had to flee him due to the abuse she suffered at his hands after they married, which led to her living once again with her family.

However, a  month ago Perez allegedly cornered her, strangled her until she passed out, and threw her into his car. When she came to she claimed he told her, “Just close your eyes and pray. That’s all you can do now.” He drove her to a motel where he abused her and held her against her will.

He was arrested, but the DA refused to prosecute and he was released just four days later. When MSNBC asked why, the prosecuting office refused to comment, but said that they took domestic violence cases “very seriously”.

Now, a young woman is dead, and police believe he is fleeing to Mexico where he has family in Tijuana.

All of this should have been prevented. If Perez strangled Gonzalez then there should have been evidence to charge him. There was enough for her to file a restraining order, which was pending against her estranged husband. How did this happen?


One Response to “Manhunt 37-Year-Old In Teen Wife’s Brutal Murder After She Begged For Protection”

  1. abbie on October 28th, 2010 9:06 pm

    This is typical court system. They shrug their shoulders and feed lies to the public when a women turns up dead after she begged for order. Why the hell they deny orders to protect the creeps it’s because it’s not them dealing with this. The excuse is many people just do the order because of custody cases, or they want revenge. B/S, then prosecute the ones who lie about needing one don’t prosecute the victims who are really in need. This is very typical of MN courts. I was told he has to beat you and leave marks in order to get an order. I am going through a divorce and I have only let their dad have supervised visits for the past 13 months and he never once went to fight to get emergency order. He has molested his own son until two months ago he denies it and claims I planted the evidence of him admitting it. A very sick sex addict who is a doctor who is in practice who was writing prescriptions of heavy dose pain killers and drugging me without my knowledge in beverages and raping me. I even have the proof of that and him admitting of raping me I never knew about it happening until I remembered one specific time. At the first hearing the judge said these are allegations and I am not allowed to contact the medical board.

    This is typical courts I really do believe then some kind of men’s rights groups pays them under the table. A person has a right in this country not to be harassed their excuse once again we make up allegations. Just less than two weeks ago a guy killed his two young kids both under 10 years and his wife and kidnapped the 3 or 5 year old. This is after years of reporting this crap and asking for orders and nothing was being done. It’s a five minute deal on the news and everyone forgets but the family is the left to suffer at the end result. Unless it’s a judge, perpetrators lawyer, some high profile official then its weeks of new coverage and laws being made in honor of them. It’s unbelievable what this country turned into.

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