Kilmeade on Feeding Hungry Kids: ‘Education Money Well Spent?

October 20, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)–There is nothing more cringe-worthy than a wealthy well-fed individual questioning the spending of public money to feed hungry school children. Such an attitude takes a special kind cold-blooded heartlessness. Well, the dim-witted crew of Fox & Friends just went there. Co-host Brian Kilmeade fresh off of his bigoted campaign against Muslims, asked this morning if providing nourishment to poor hungry children was “money well spent.”

Many school systems have long realized that an empty stomach interferes with learning. Subsidized school lunches have been extended to include breakfast and now, even dinner, which was the subject of Fox & Friends’ segment.

A report on a new dinner program at Washington, DC schools, which have a high level of children below the poverty line, has caused right-wing conservatives to screech about federal money being spent to feed the poor. And Fox News was happy to provide a forum for the Dickensian hysteria.

Schools have long provided a snack to children attending after school programs. The meal now offered by some school districts is more substantial, as the high jobless rate and deep recession places more children at risk of going hungry.

“D.C. joins 13 states which serve three meals a day at school – and to the tune of $5.7 million. Officials here have embraced the program because they realize healthy, well-fed kids learn better.”

‘“We’re reaching 10,000 kids a day at 99 of our 120 schools,” said Anthony Tata, Chief Operating Officer of D.C. Public Schools.”

“That’s about 25 percent of the student population. And another big benefit of the after school dinners are that more kids are enrolling in after school programs where they can get some academic help as well.”

But Fox News was not the only media outlet questioning the feeding of poor hungry school children. The Washington Post saw fit to conduct a reader poll, asking “Should public schools be serving dinner to kids? As expected, the poll provided a forum for callous comments against the lazy poor “on welfare.”

While leading into the Fox & Friends segment Brian Kilmeade, said “Students are hungry for learning. But the schools in DC are spending millions to fill their bellies instead, now giving kids dinner. Is this education money well spent? The debate is on.”

This isn’t the first time the right-wing has attacked school lunches. The well-fed hate talker Rush Limbaugh, while railing against federally-funded summer lunch programs, suggested that children could “dumpster-dive” if they were hungry.

And Cynthia Davis, a Republican state Rep. from Missouri, also enraged over summer food programs, suggested going hungry would encourage children to get a job at McDonalds. “Hunger can be a positive motivator,” said Davis, adding “[t]hat money is coming from us.”

Right-wing callousness towards the poor knows no bounds.



2 Responses to “Kilmeade on Feeding Hungry Kids: ‘Education Money Well Spent?”

  1. majii on October 20th, 2010 4:45 pm

    As a retired teacher, I can say that these programs serve a worthy purpose. There are millions of really smart kids who, through no fault of their own, need these meals. These fools believe that it is only “brown” kids who live in poverty and need welfare to make it, but it’s kids from every race that fall into this category. One reason I was so active in getting HCR passed is because I had African-American and Caucasian kids in my classes who didn’t have any kind of health insurance. After hearing their stories, there was no way that I wasn’t going to work to get them covered, even if their parents were against HCR, and they probably were because I was teaching in GA at the time.

    Let one of these Fox PAC bots get in a classroom and try teaching kids who can’t concentrate because they’re too hungry/sick to focus on learning anything. Let them have a child tell them that they had to miss school to stay home and see about a younger sibling because their parents had no health insurance and couldn’t take their younger brother or sister to see a doctor. I am fed up with these privileged individuals who would deny food and healthcare to a needy child. President Obama’s mother had to raise him on welfare for a period of time in his early years. John King on CNN stated recently that he was raised on welfare. These men are examples of what a child can grow up to be if we show some compassion toward the less fortunate.

    I really don’t understand these so-called Christian conservatives who would deny one of Jesus’ main teachings, which is to care for the less fortunate in our society. This is one reason why I never take anything they have to say about anything seriously. They’d deny their own mother a meal/healthcare if they thought it would mean they’d have to pay one extra penny in taxes.

  2. Paul Allen on October 21st, 2010 11:15 pm

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No question, child hunger is completely horrible. These government programs, however, do not address the problems. Social programs change the behavior of people.

    Why are the parents not taking care of their children? They are already receiving aid. I can tell you what happens first hand – the local bar excepts food stamps. The parents don’t even bother to show up for parent teacher conferences, it’s not because they have something better to do. I am not putting the total blame on on the parents – it is a matter of government intervention and human nature.

    Furthermore, the government has no fiduciary responsibility and is very wasteful with spending, it puts even more people out of work competing with the free market and crowding out income at the household level. Everything the government runs is bankrupt. Lets also look at the performance of the schools, graduation rates, and those getting jobs with a degree. Unfortunately the very good intentions create more trouble and are robbing these kids from a good future.

    In China the schools compete against one another. Parents want to send their children to the best performing school so there is a big incentive to provide the best possible education at the lowest cost.

    It is a very important time to get people working. The government cannot keep spending and give everyone a tremendous debt burden. GDP is not coming from the consumer. It is impossible to increase taxes on the unemployed. That means we need investment by business, they create capital, the government only takes it away. Businesses are not investing for a reason. If you would like to increase tax revenue, lower taxes which in turn gives more money to invest, more people are working and less are unemployed, tax revenues go up. We need to fix the problems, not continue to deal with symptoms piecemeal as they arise. Continuing down this path will only end in catastrophic failure.

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