Tucker Carlson: Dumpster-Diving Poor ‘Disgusting and Beneath Contempt’

October 26, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Jon Stewart had Tucker Carslon pegged way back in 2004. During his, now famous, appearance on CNN’s Crossfire co-hosted by Carlson, Stewart and Carlson got into a heated exchange that ended with Stewart, saying “You’re as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.” Apparently, not much has changed. Carlson, a product of a privileged upbringing whose mother is heiress to the Swanson food fortune, has never known what it’s like to endure crushing poverty and hunger. And poor Tucker is just disgusted with the idea that hungry poor people would “give up their dignity” by searching through garbage dumpsters for food. Carlson added that such desperate poor people are “disgusting and beneath contempt.” Yeah, Jon Stewart was right.

After losing his Crossfire job with CNN and having his MSNBC show tank due to dismal ratings, Carlson now works as a Fox News contributor. And he recently founded an online right-wing news blog called The Daily Caller that mostly churns out fact-free articles masquerading as journalism.

Carlson made his heartless remarks vilifying the poor during an appearance on Fox Business’ Follow the Money with Eric Bolling. Carlson was asked to respond to a recent report that needy college students are dumpster diving to make ends meet during a time of high unemployment.

Carlson declared the story was made-up, reasoning “real” poor people don’t eat from dumpsters, because the poor are obese. In his worldview, hunger doesn’t exist in America. And if a hungry poor person succumbed to dumpster-diving out of desperation they have no “dignity”

CARLSON: “Well, the economy is in dreadful shape obviously and it’s been mismanaged by this administration. The story is made up of course. I mean real poor people don’t eat out of dumpsters. The nutritional crisis among the poor is obesity not starvation. These are middle class kids making a point obviously and by the way let me just say I think American will recover I think it’s a great country …”

“But if large numbers of Americans give up their dignity to the point where they eat food out of dumpsters, It’s disgusting and beneath contempt in my opinion. Then we won’t recover. That’s a sign that we have given up. Look you don’t need to eat out of a dumpster. There are food banks. Let’s be real for a second. Anybody who has done that has completely in my opinion given up his integrity and dignity. It’s over…”

When Bolling told Carlson that food banks are overburdened and unable to meet the demand, he mocked poor people further, saying they are uncivilized.

CARLSON: “I just think it’s very important that people retain their dignity even in the difficult times. And eating out of a dumpster crosses the line that I don’t think civilized people should ever cross. Unless you’re starving to death and the truth is Americans are not starving to death…”

Carslon joins a growing number of right-wing conservatives who vilify the poor and unemployed as lazy and “beneath contempt.” Newt Gingrich, who has never missed a meal, has used the increase in food stamps benefits during a bad economy to attack the Obama administration for providing food stamps, instead of paychecks.

Bigoted nativist Pat Buchanan posted a disgusting screed on WorldNet Daily, entitled “Food Stamp Nation, in which he reasoned that hunger doesn’t exist in America because the freeloading poor have not yet been forced into cannibalism.

And last year, Cynthia Davis, a conservative Republican State Rep. from Missouri was railing against summer food programs for needy children. She advised hungry children to work at McDonalds to get a free meal. “Hunger can be a positive motivator,” said Davis.

Carlson and his fellow free-market conservatives would like to see a return to 19th century debtors’ prisons and poorhouses.

Tucker Carlson is the one who is “beneath contempt.”



2 Responses to “Tucker Carlson: Dumpster-Diving Poor ‘Disgusting and Beneath Contempt’”

  1. Old Man Dotes on October 26th, 2010 6:21 pm

    If I were God, Tucker Carlson would find himself homeless, unemployed, and out of cash and credit tomorrow, with a CNN news crew following him around to see how he “kept his dignity” as his stomach began growling. Did I mention the huge neon-green word “dick” on his forehead?

  2. Jon Stewart Fan on October 29th, 2010 10:15 am

    At least they are not on “Dancing with the Stars”. You would really have no dignity to stoop that low!

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