Texas Gov. Perry Wants to Secede From Tyranny of Social Security

November 6, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), emboldened after winning a third term in office, is out making the media rounds to promote his new state’s rights manifesto filled with tea party-approved nonsense. And predictably, to borrow a popular Texas idiom, the right-wing governor does not make a lick of sense. Perry, a radical anti-government tenther, who occasionally flirts with the idea of seceding from the Union to fire up his base, is now proposing that Texas and other states be permitted to secede from the tyranny of the federal Social Security system. In Perry’s worldview, states should have the freedom to toss its citizens into poverty and despair. They may be eating cat food and living in tent cities, but dagnabbit they would be free from the federal government forcing them to retire with dignity on a living wage. Dontcha just love the smell of freedom on a clear Texas morning?

Perry’s new book (right-wing tenther pamphlet), “Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington,” is filled with old Jim Crow era and pre-New Deal state’s rights ideology. Perry told NPR, his philosophy is all about the tea party’s warped view of freedom.

In Texas, “we still believe in freedom,” Perry says. “Freedom from over-taxation, over-regulation, over-litigation.”..

How is all of that freedom working out for Texas folks? Not so well.

NPR points out that despite Perry’s rhetoric, people in Texas are suffering from a decade of his disastrous right-wing free market leadership.

“In a series of articles last year, The Economist magazine asserted that Texas had, “the highest proportion of people lacking health insurance of all 50 states, the third highest poverty rate, the second highest imprisonment rate, the highest teenage birth rate, the lowest voter turnout and the lowest portion of high school graduates.”

Opting out of the federal safety net of Social Security, would plunge Texans deeper into privation. And of course, it’s nearly impossible for a state to take over the management of a Social Security system.

Perry made his remarks about seceding from Social Security during appearances on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and CNN’s Parker-Spitzer. Despite Perry’s enthusiastic support of opting out of Social Security, Elliot Spitzer pointed out the reason Social Security isn’t run by individual states, is because it doesn’t work.

As reported by Think Progress, Perry touted a handful of Texas counties, providing private pensions as an alternative to Social Security.  But in reality, those people are worse off.

PERRY: Here’s what I think would be a very wise thing.  In 1981, Matagorda, Brazoria, and Galveston Counties all opted out of the Social Security program for their employees. Today, their program is very, very well-funded and there is no question about whether it’s going to be funded in the out years. It’s there. That’s an option out there.

SPITZER: So, you want to let people opt out?

PERRY: I think, you know what, let the states decide if that’s what’s best for their cities.

SPITZER: So the states will let people opt out of Social Security?

PERRY: They should…

Perry, who last year, declared the Obama administration was “…hellbent on taking America toward a socialist country…,” when pressed on the notion of seceding from Social Security, said individual states should have the power to decide whether to participate in federal safety nets.

“I think all of those are legitimate options out there, but let the states decide,” Perry said. “Don’t force us from Washington, DC to say, ‘here is the size of tube socks that you’re gonna wear down in Texas. Put ’em on.'”



One Response to “Texas Gov. Perry Wants to Secede From Tyranny of Social Security”

  1. Glen on November 6th, 2010 8:17 pm

    Typical Rick Perry, lots of finger pointing, try to get everyone stirred up that there’s a problem, and he can’t come up with one solution to offer, or as he says it, “I don’t like being put in a corner.” I’d rather have Elliott Spitzer for the Texas governor. He might like hookers, but at least he’s at least 50 points higher on the IQ scale, or maybe even more. Perry wants states to decide if the citizens should have social security??? I’ve got a better idea, how about the citizens who have been paying in all their life make that kind of important decision for themselves. I’m a Texan, and I don’t want perry and his teabaggers deciding anything for me. I hope he runs for President and leaves Texas asap, Dewhurst can run the state without him. We’ll all be better off, unless people outside of texas elect him as president. I’m counting on the other 49 states to keep from doing that, don’t let me down.

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