Oil Spill Grandstander Jindal Slams Obama in New Book

November 12, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)–Republican Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal, bumbled and stumbled his way through his state’s response to the BP oil spill, while grandstanding in front of every available camera to hurl verbal firebombs at President Obama, to complain not enough was being done. A scathing CBS report on Jindal’s incompetent spill response concluded, all he seemed to be good at was “pointing fingers.” And the National Oil Spill Commission found that the state of Louisiana under Jindal’s poor leadership and constant political grandstanding hampered the federal response, “slowed decision-making and caused problems in the response efforts.” So, it comes as a shock to learn that Jindal has the nerve to take pot shots at President Obama’s response to the oil spill in his new book entitled, “Leadership and Crisis.”

The way Jindal tells it, he is a dashing courageous Knight who rode in on a white horse to save Louisiana from Rahm Emanuel’s F-bombs and President Obama’s lack of a “human element” and “political posturing.”

What really happened? Jindal’s political posturing and overheated rhetoric became so troublesome that Obama told him too cool it.

And Jindal was constantly at odds with federal responders, by demanding they spend valuable time and responses on efforts that were worthless, such as building a sand berm and demanding a million, zillion feet of boom that proved to be ineffective and counterproductive.

But Jindal lives in a different reality, one in which he didn’t give an embarrassing nationally televised “Howdy Doody” speech, and one in which he sees himself as a 2012 presidential contender. Hence, the ludicrous attacks on Obama’s oil spill response.

The Political reports on Jindal’s delusions of grandeur.

“On Obama’s first trip to Louisiana after the disaster, the governor describes how the president took him aside on the tarmac after arriving to complain about a letter that Jindal had sent to the administration requesting authorization for food stamps for those who had lost their jobs because of the spill.”

“As Jindal describes it, the letter was entirely routine, yet Obama was angry and concerned about looking bad.”

“Careful,” he quotes the president as warning him, “this is going to get bad for everyone.”

“Nearby on the tarmac, Jindal recalls, then-White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was chewing out his own chief of staff, Timmy Teepell.”

“If you have a problem pick up the f——n’ phone,” Jindal quotes Emanuel telling Teepell.

Other Obama-bashing quotes from Jindal’s book, according to The Politico:

“Political posturing becomes more important than reality,” he writes, describing the White House team.

“The human element seemed invisible to the White House,” writes Jindal.

Does Bobby Jindal really believe he has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the 2012 Republican presidential primary? Apparently so.

Photo Source: Official Jindal Photo


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