Joe Miller Tells Court: I Lost Because My Volunteers Were Bad Spellers

November 19, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)— In an Alaskan senatorial campaign that hinged on voters correctly spelling Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s name, Joe Miller is now complaining that he lost the election because his volunteer observers were poor spellers. And as a result, they failed to challenge a number of misspelled write-in ballots. Although, the election was called for Murkowski and she declared victory, the radical tea party candidate with an unethical work history,  who once handcuffed a reporter for asking questions he didn’t like, is not about to stand down. Miller is asking a federal court to issue an injunction to block the state from officially certifying the election results, citing his staff’s poor spelling, a flawed write-in counting system and anything else he can think of.

Randy Ruedrich, the chairman of the state’s Republican Party is urging Miller to conceded with dignity. “I think it was a free and fair election, properly run,” he said, adding it’s time for Miller “to wrap this up in a dignified process.”

But that’s not about to happen anytime soon.

“An attorney for Miller on Thursday asked a federal judge for a preliminary injunction to keep state officials from certifying election results, according to reports.”

“Thursday’s injunction modifies Miller’s original lawsuit challenging how the state handled Murkowski’s write-in campaign, in which Miller argued it was illegal for the state to accept write-in ballots with any kind of errors.”

And he further argued that his volunteer staff were ill prepared to detect misspellings of Murkowski’s name.

“Due to the haste with which the State decided to expedite the recount, Plaintiff Miller was unable to assemble and train his team of volunteers to observe the write-in count until shortly before counting started, and so they failed to challenge numerous write-in ballots with misspellings at the beginning of the process,” Miller asserts in his request for an injunction.

Murkowski’s campaign manager Kevin Sweeney dismisses Miller’ numerous excuses for his loss, as sour grapes.

“Throughout this election, Miller has blamed everybody else. It was the media’s fault. It was his advisor’s fault. Then it was the Division of Elections staff’s fault, the lieutenant governor’s fault, and now he is blaming his own volunteers — people who took nearly a week of their own to travel to Juneau and work on his behalf,” Sweeney said. “I was there. I watched his volunteers. I though they did a great job in doing what they were asked to do. They challenged every single ballot they could find a fault with. At some point he has to accept responsibility and that he lost and that he’s to blame.”

Even if all of the 8,000 write-in ballots challenged by Miler were thrown out, Murkowski would still lead by 2,000 votes.

“The Alaska Republican party believes that Lisa Murkowksi won the election,” said Ruedrich.


3 Responses to “Joe Miller Tells Court: I Lost Because My Volunteers Were Bad Spellers”

  1. sha44ss on November 19th, 2010 1:21 pm

    Merkowski is the one who should STAND DOWN! Miller won the Primary Fair & Square but the ‘Republican’ establishment wants things ‘Status Quo’ & doesn’t like the ‘Tea Party ‘ Candidate! They Bought Merkowski’s seat back like her Daddy did the first time! & Used ALL their influence & Dirty Tactics ‘ to show their Power! It’s the ‘Elitists’ with their BIG MONEY against WE THE PEOPLE now! WE are coming to take OUR (the TAX PAYERS who pay their salaries) COUNTRY back from ALL who think they are ‘ENTITLED! It will take time but WE WILL PREVAIL~! THANK YOU JOE MILLER FOR NOT STANDING DOWN!! They are STILL not listening to the PEOPLE but THEY HAVE NO CHOICE In 2012!

  2. Liann on November 19th, 2010 4:03 pm

    If there were two, or three, candidates with similar spelling names, then the “perfect spelling” rule would make sense. It would make a difference if MERkowski was running against MURcowski. It makes no sense here. It would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL to require perfect spelling, when the founding fathers let people vote by signing their “X”. The lawmakers do not even have the right to make such strict rules over voters — JOE MILLER is demanding more BIG GOMMINT intrusion telling people that their votes don’t count. 100,000 people took the time to write something that looked a lot like Murkowski, give or take a smidgion, and that’s more people than voted for Joe Miller by 10,000 votes.

    Just like Palin can’t get used to the fact that OBAMA beat her in 2008 by a 2.5-to-1 margin of electoral votes where the people live, so Joe Miller can’t face the fact that the majority of Alaskans voted against him and took time to write down their preferred Senator rather than the easy way. The TEA PARTY traitors hate the American system and threaten 2nd Amendment remedies if they can’t win at the ballot box.

  3. majii on November 20th, 2010 2:17 pm


    Everything Senator Murkowski did in this election was legal. She lost the primary, placed herself on the ballot as a write in candidate, and won. The people who wrote her name on their ballots on November 2 have spoken. Joe Miller might have been able to prevail had he not come on as a raging liar and hypocrite who said one thing and did something entirely different. His parents receive Social Security, yet he wants to cut payments for other elderly Americans. His children received medical assistance from the federal government in the past, yet he wants to cut it for America’s other children.

    He had so many skeletons in his closet that he couldn’t keep them out of the view of Alaska’s voters who saw him for the liar and hypocrite that he is and voted against him. Maybe next time he decides to run for a public office, he’ll abandon the lies and hypocrisy. The voters in Alaska realized that by sending Miller to DC, they’d be sending him to carry out his own personal agenda and not that of the American people and of Alaskans. The predicament Miller finds himself in at this time is the result of his own actions. Ms. Murkowski’s win shows that democracy is still alive and well in Alaska.

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