Ed Luce: GOP’s ‘Hatred of Obama’ Outweighs Their Patriotism (Video)

November 22, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Admiral Mike Mullen Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton appeared on the Sunday talk shows to press for ratification of the START treaty as soon as possible. President Obama, in his weekly address, called the GOP’s blocking of the nuke treaty a “dangerous gamble.” The Republicans in the senate led by Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ) are choosing politics over our national security, by threatening to block passage of the nuke treaty with Russia, just to deny President Obama a foreign policy victory. The Republicans’ shameless disregard for the safety of Americans, to score a political win is so blatantly transparent, it has made international headlines, shocking our NATO allies. And Ed Luce, the Washington bureau chief of the London-based Financial Times stated the obvious, pointing out that McConnell’s stated goal of making Obama a one-term president is more important to the GOP than America’s national security. Such craven political partisanship is not only unpatriotic, it’s outright treasonous. And these are the insane ideologues Obama is expected to compromise with.

Ed Luce made his remarks during a round table discussion on ABC’s “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour. Adm. Mullen appeared earlier on the program to urge approval of the START treaty, calling it “absolutely critical” to our security, while stopping short, just barely, of charging Sen. Kyl with playing politics with our safety.

AMANPOUR: …Is the Senate playing politics with American national security?

MULLEN: You would have to ask the Senate … What I think is – there is a sense of urgency with respect to ratifying this treaty that needs to be recognized. Historically this has been bipartisan. This is a national security issue of great significance and the sooner we get it done the better.

Luce pointed out that the only players who would welcome the non-passage of the START treaty are Iran and North Korea. But the GOP’s blind partisan hatred of Obama has colored their judgment to shocking extremes.

LUCE:  Oh, absolutely. I think it’s — it’s a dream — if you picked two countries that would like to see a failure of ratification, it would be North Korea and Iran. And I think that — if that argument doesn’t work with the Republicans, that sort of basic elemental national security argument doesn’t work, nothing is. There’s — there’s a greater hatred of Obama than there is a love of American national security.

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, both agreed with Luce’s assessment. Reich, said Kyl’s sudden  objections to the START treaty after two-years of negotiations with Russia and countless senate hearings, “defies logic.”

Brazile pointed out that just a year ago, Kyl was demanding that the START treaty be ratified. Now, a year later, the GOP has decided they would rather obstruct the treaty to weaken the Obama presidency.

“This is political malpractice,” declared Brazile.

And speaking of partisan hacks, conservative columnist for the Washington Post George Will, dismissed concerns for our national security as “nonsense,” adding he respects Sen. Kyl.

The prospect of the START treaty not becoming ratified is so alarming to the Pentagon, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates essentially called out Sen. Kyl on his partisan political games, reminding him he doesn’t make foreign policy, nor is he in charge of our national defense.

“Despite what anybody says, I, as secretary of Defense, and the entire uniformed leadership of the American military believe that this treaty is in our national security interest,” Gates said.

The Republicans led by Sens. Kyl and McConnell have reached a new low in American politics. They are so consumed with blind partisan hatred of President Obama, they would deliberately create a return to the Cold War, resulting in more nukes being directly aimed at the United States.



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