Sen. Kyl Grabs $200 Million in Pork After No Earmarks Pledge

November 24, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Republican lawmakers, anxious to appease tea party members and follow through with their campaign rhetoric to end earmarks, are now engaged in comical linguistic exercises to exempt their pork, as not earmarks under the official definition. The Associated Press reports that Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) did just that, by quietly adding $200 million in pork for his state to a recent bill funding the Pigford settlement for discrimination claims made by minority and Native Americans farmers against the federal government. But he had denounced earmarks, as wasteful spending just days earlier. And on his official website, Kyl asks, “But, if legislators can’t muster the will to eliminate a small portion of spending, how will they be able to make the bigger, more difficult decisions?” Apparently, earmarks and pork are only wasteful when Democrats do it.  And when Republicans  add earmarks to bills, their pork somehow rises to the level of vitally important infrastructure projects, which magically don’t fall under the official earmark definition. What an ingenious scam.

Earmark hypocrisy is nothing new for Kyl. Last year he raised holy hell about Democratic earmarks in the Stimulus bill, but the year before, he had requested that $118 million in pork be carved out from from the federal budget to be used for special projects for his state.

When confronted on his earmark hypocrisy by none other than Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Kyl insisted his $118 million of earmarks were not really earmarks.

“I can defend everything that I have recommended in the budget, and I would suggest that they’re not earmarks under the definition, because we have a specific definition,” Kyl indignantly responded to Wallace.

Well, nothing much has changed, Kyl is just up to his old tricks.

And when he isn’t grabbing millions in earmarks, that aren’t really earmarks, Kyl is also attempting to derail our national security and foreign policy, by opposing ratification of the START treaty with Russia. Why? Because Republicans’ only goal is to defeat the Obama presidency at any cost, even at the cost of American lives.

What a guy.


2 Responses to “Sen. Kyl Grabs $200 Million in Pork After No Earmarks Pledge”

  1. Charles on November 24th, 2010 5:27 pm

    Wow. I really thought they would wait a while until the earmark ban faded from memory a little bit. Kyl is definitely in line for Colbert’s Alpha Dog award. Now let’s see what the Tea Party does. Are they really going to stand by their principles, or are they as FOS as the old school Republicans.

  2. JohnGalt on November 24th, 2010 6:55 pm

    This guy ruined a lot of people’s lives with the unlawful inernet gambling act in 2006. Under the guise of protecting children all it really does is protect his Indian gambling donors.

    Now this. The Republicans had better get it right or I am through with them. Jon Kyl is part of the disease. Get it right guys or you are done as a party.

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