Fox & Friends Promotes Birther: Obama Kenyan-Born ‘Ridiculous Creature’ (Video)

November 29, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)— Fox News either can’t discern the difference between fact and fiction, or doesn’t care. But when it comes to smearing President Obama, in any event, anything goes, and any pretense of journalism goes out the window. Last week, the online website Fox Nation reposted passages from a satirical Onion story entitled “Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail,” without notifying its tea party readers it was a fake story. After receiving ridicule and condemnation from the blogosphere, Fox Nation scrubbed the Onion post from its website, including the insanely vicious comments from its readers. But the dim-witted crew at Fox & Friends continued this morning to promote anti-Obama fiction, by hosting John LeBoutillier, a notorious Newsmax conspiracy theorist and birther, to spread lies and falsehoods about President Obama being born in Kenya. LeBoutillier wrote a ridiculous self-published book of fiction, entitled “The Obama Identity: A Novel (Or Is It?)” he claims has “real stuff” in it, wink, wink. Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy, said “it’s fiction, but a lot of the stuff sounds like it really happened.” What is some of that stuff? LeBoutillier writes that Obama has “Filipino stewards” at the White House to “wash his feet and fan his smoking.”

As pointed out by Media Matters, LeBoutillier has been promoting wild conspiracy theories since the Clinton years. He once compared President Bill Clinton to a Mafia gangster and a drug smuggler. “Any proper investigation of the Clintons and the pardons needs to treat the Clintons just as an investigation would treat a John Gotti or an international drug lord,” said LeBoutillier.

Now that we have another Democratic President, LeBoutillier has eagerly returned to conspiracy-mongering. His anti-Obama book revolves around the premise that CIA agents have traveled throughout the world to dig up damaging information on Obama’s early life.

One of the many lies he cites in the book as fact, is the thoroughly debunked falsehood that Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother said he was born in Kenya. That’s not true, she said Obama was born in Hawaii. But it’s a zombie birther lie that just won’t go away, thanks to LeBoutillier and other right-wing smear merchants like him.

Throughout the segment, a chyron appears on the bottom of the screen, saying “Fact of Fiction? ‘Obama Identity’ a fictional tale of reality.”

LEBOUTILLIER: Well, Ed Klein and I, when we wrote this book used real things in a book of fiction, so the title is “The Obama Identity: A Novel, (Or is it?)” because there’s so much real stuff in this book…

LEBOUTILLIER: Obama’s grandmother living today in Kenya. We have her in the book, it’s fiction but in reality she has claimed consistently that he [Obama] was born in Mombasa, Kenya. She said this adamantly on the record. So, we took that and used it in the book in a very funny way.

Kilmeade and Doocy responded to LeBoutillier’s nonsense by laughing at the prospect of the White House’s reaction to the false claim he was born in Kenya.

KILMEADE: I’m sure that will resonate well with everybody.

LEBOUTILLIER: I’m sure the White House will be thrilled.

KILMEADE: Usually goes over quite well.

Kilmeade and Doocy continue to deliver softball lead-ins to LeBoutillier, without any push back, except to note that Obama is the President, after LeBoutillier calls President Obama a “ridiculous creature.”

KILMEADE: But let’s talk about really the expectations, as he goes into office he’s somebody that was supposed to be the one. He’s the one that we have been waiting for. Does he believe that in your mind, in your book?

LEBOUTILLIER: Yes, absolutely! In fact, the day he is inaugurated, in our book he goes right from the Capitol back to the Oval Office… He’s greeted by his staff in a way that you  wouldn’t believe. They wash his feet. Filipino stewards come and wash his feet and fan his smoking and blow the smoke out the White House window. I mean it’s symbolic of how everyone around Obama treats him. They treat him, as Brian said, it’s like the second coming. The one. The Messiah. This man who’s been parachuted into this country to save us from ourselves and it’s ridiculous. And the only way to handle Obama, I think is to make fun of him. Because the guy is a ridiculous creature that we have been handed by the Left.

The segment ends with Doocy, saying “fiction or friction” and Kilmeade concludes, “I think it’s both.”

Media Matters writes that this despicable nonsense is just par for the course with Fox News when it comes to promoting anti-Obama falsehoods.

“This is the show that, in 2007, led Fox News’ charge in pushing the bogus charge that Obama was secretly a Muslim and worked overtime to keep that story alive. They smeared Obama as having been educated in a “madrassa”; accused him of neglecting the fight against terrorism; and repeatedly suggested Obama and his administration are more sympathetic to terrorists than concerned with preventing terrorist attacks. They also just love stories that paint Obama as a mysterious outsider who may secretly be Muslim and who hates America. So, is it really that surprising that they would host a guy to attack the president as a “ridiculous creature” who may have been born in Kenya? Sadly no.”

Another day, another day of right-wing propaganda from Fox News.



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