Millionaire Whines on Fox News About Taxes and ‘Two Nickels in My Pocket’

November 30, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)– As the rhetoric and political gamesmanship heats up over the GOP’s demand that the Bush tax cuts be extended for the wealthiest Americans, Fox News is doing its part to host whiny millionaires to complain about paying taxes. With millions of Americans out of work, losing their homes and about to lose unemployment benefits, Miami-based talk show host Neal Asbury was given a platform on Fox & Friends this morning to complain about being “tied to the government whipping post.” The right-wing talker declared he is a millionaire, but it feels like he barely has two nickels to spend. Today,  two-million unemployed Americans will lose their meager unemployment checks with the holidays approaching. Why? Because Republicans and a few Blue Dog Democrats say we can’t afford to help the unemployed, when our unemployment rate hovers at 10 percent, but it’s fine to borrow $700 billion to make sure the wealthiest two percent can keep more of their money in their pockets. If you feel like you are about to throw up in your mouth, join the club.

Neal Asbury made his remarks this morning on Fox & Friends. Co-host Brian Kilmeade asked the panel what they thought about the proposal to only extend the Bush tax cuts to those making less than $1 million. Asbury, a frequent Fox News guest, who last made an appearance to engage in bigotry by calling the proposed New York Islamic center a “victory Mosque,” proceeded to go on a tirade about the government “whipping” successful millionaires with taxes.

ASBURY: Brian we are fixated on taxation, self flagellation. We believe if we flog ourselves enough and repent for our success and our wealth, somehow that will lead us to economic and social purity. Whipping ourselves, whipping American businesses will only makes us weaker…

On paper I make a million dollars but many times I feel like I don’t have two nickels in my pocket because I’m paying my bills….I’ve been tied to the government whipping post…

Meanwhile, millions of desperate Americans are wondering where their next meal is coming from.



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