McCain’s Disgraceful Homophobic Bid to Keep DADT Alive

December 3, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is a washed up shell of the respected lawmaker he once was. The ex-Maverick, who flip-flops on his positions so many times, he ends up arguing with himself, is now waging a lone campaign against repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” that bares his ugly bigotry and old man nastiness. He is so intent on blocking the open service of gay men and women, McCain is going full steam ahead with a scorched earth policy, by publicly fighting with and insulting top Pentagon leaders Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen. And he has tried and failed miserably, to undermine and attack the Pentagon report recommending the repeal of DADT, during the Senate hearings, erupting in anger and grumpiness when he doesn’t get the answers he wants. This entire sad and despicable spectacle, not only reveals a bigoted homophobic man, who is unable to step away from his own prejudices to do what’s right for his country, but it also shows that McCain should do us all a favor and retire to Arizona where he can take lots of naps.

Today’s panel heard testimony from the military service leaders, who as a group, are much less positive about allowing open service. But when pressed, they admitted they supported repealing DADT, as long as the changes were implemented in a slow and measured way. In recent days, McCain said he would only listen to the service heads, well now they have spoken.

But wait, McCain managed to come up with another bullcrap objection. Having no other ammunition left, McCain now says he won’t support DADT repeal because the economy is bad.

“I will not agree to have this [defense spending] bill go forward, because our economy is in the tank,” said McCain.” Got that? Because unemployment is high, he won’t fund our troops during a time of war. And somehow ending a discriminatory policy against gay service members is connected to the economy.

McCain has really gone off the rails. He has now officially become a crazy person on a street corner shouting gibberish.

Yesterday’s hearings were particularly contentious, with McCain insisting the Pentagon should poll service members on whether they want to serve with gays and lesbians, in effect giving them veto power over policy, something that has never been done before.

Think Progress reports:

“From the very first DADT hearing in February 2010 to today’s session, the Senator refused to consider the views of the witnesses before him. This morning — after reviewing the overwhelming positive DADT report and listening to the pleas of the leaders to end the policy in the lame duck session — McCain went further, openly implying that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen was not living up to the expectations of leadership because he did not ask the troops if they favored repealing the policy”

MCCAIN: Then why wouldn’t we just ask the question?

MULLEN: Because, I fundamentally sir, think it’s an incredibly bad precedent to ask them about, to essentially vote on a policy.

MCAIN: It’s not voting sir, it’s asking their views….Now I understand what your answer is. We would not ask their views on whether this policy should be changed or not, as the first question.

MULLEN: We’ve gotten in great part their views as a result of this survey.

MCCAIN: Well obviously, we’ll go around and around, but why we didn’t just simply ask them how they felt about it….Again, every great leader I’ve known has said, what are your views on this issue?



One Response to “McCain’s Disgraceful Homophobic Bid to Keep DADT Alive”

  1. libhomo on December 5th, 2010 12:54 am

    “Keating Five” McCain always has been horribly corrupt and venomously bigoted. I cringe when I see corporate media outlets market him as “moderate” or as a “reformer.”

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