Christmas Warrior Hannity to Jewish Real Housewife: ‘Where’s Your Tolerance?’ (Video)

December 7, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)— It took a Jewish reality TV star to cut through the Christian Right’s “War on Christmas” nonsense. Jill Zarin, of  Bravo’s the Real Housewives of New York City and author of “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” hilariously put Fox News’ Sean Hannity on the spot, by asking him if he would support a Hanukkah parade paid for with taxpayer dollars. At a loss for words, Hannity responded by attacking Zarin asking, “Where’s your tolerance?” Without realizing it, Hannity hit on the real issue underlying the phony War on Christmas outrage. Right-wing Christians don’t have any tolerance for worshipers of other faiths. They only have tolerance for their own faith, and anyone who is not on board is attacked as intolerant.

Zarin, who kept uttering “So what?” in response to the ridiculous discussion in her nasal New York accent, made her remarks while appearing on Hannity’s Great American Panel last night.

The panel discussed Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK) refusal to participate in a Tulsa parade, because city officials changed the name of the parade from Christmas to Holiday. Inhofe, one of the more clownish hacks in the Republican Caucus, is also a rabid global warming denier. During an unusually severe snowstorm in Washington, DC last year, he built an igloo, he called “Al Gore’s New Home,” to draw attention to his wacky belief that a snowstorm in the winter means climate change isn’t real.

Responding to Inhofe’s boycott of the Tulsa Holiday Parade, Zarin said “Who cares? Don’t go. And by the way, I think he’s doing it for press, he likes getting on Fox & Friends.”

HANNITY: He’s not doing it for press, he’s doing it because the War on Christmas is ridiculous.

ZARIN: What’s wrong with calling it a holiday? Why is he drawing a line in the sand?

HANNITY: Because it’s Christmas, Merry Christmas not Merry Holiday.

ZARIN: Hold on. It’s paid for by the government. It’s funds that everybody, Jewish and not Jewish–Christian and non-Christian would pay … […]

ZARIN: We don’t have a Hanukkah parade– hold on. You’re going to pay for a Hanukkah parade? It’s a combined parade– It’s a holiday, a holiday.

HANNITY:  Where’s your tolerance?

ZARIN: Where’s the tolerance? He’s boycotting, we’re not boycotting Christmas.

Also on the panel were, Christians and Fox News contributors, Alice Stewart and Bob Beckel. Zarin shot down their complaints that they were being prevented from celebrating Christ’s birth because of the name of a parade, by saying “Who says you can’t?”

Stewart pointed out that a majority of Americans were Christians, to which Zarin responded, “So what?” After Stewart complained about taking Christ out of Christmas, Zarin said in exasperation, “We’re not taking Christ out of Christmas, for Christ’s sake.”

HANNITY: You don’t call it Christmas anymore.

ZARIN: Who said not to call it Christmas? It’s a parade guys.

Zarin later said that Inhofe was being “too sensitive.” But Hannity responded by attacking Zarin for being too sensitive.

HANNITY: You’re the one who’s sensitive; why can’t you say ‘Merry Christmas’ or have a Christmas parade versus a Holiday Parade?

Fox News has been relentlessly beating the drum on the faux War on Christmas controversy. Apparently struggling to find examples of Christian Christmas victimization, the right-wing propaganda network made up a story recently about a Florida school banning the “traditional Christmas colors” red and green. But the Florida school, upon hearing of the bogus report, said there is no such ban.



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