Army Doc Pleads Guilty at Birther Court-Martial, Faces Prison

December 14, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)–The sad and pathetic spectacle of an 18-year decorated Army officer throwing away his career, his reputation and his freedom, because of his bizarre belief in the fringe birther conspiracy that President Obama is not a natural born citizen, unfolded today at Fort Meade, Md., during the start of his court-martial. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, an Army surgeon, pleaded guilty to charges stemming from his refusal to obey the “illegal” orders of his commanders, including deployment to Afghanistan. He faces up to three-years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. During the court hearing, Lakin, said he still believes that President Obama was not born in America.

“I was praying and soul searching,” he said. “I believed there was a question that needs to be answered to ensure a valid chain of command. But I had asked every question, done everything else I could short of disobeying orders, without success,” Lakin told the military court.

Lakin begin his slow descent into madness earlier in the year, backed by the birther group Safeguard Our Constitution. Lakin posted a rambling three-minute video, in which he demanded that President Obama produce his original birth certificate to prove his eligibility to give orders as Commander-in-Chief.

“I have no choice, but the distasteful one, of inviting my own court martial. For the first times in all my years of service to our great nation and at great peril to my career and future, I am choosing to disobey of what I believe are illegal orders, including an order to deploy to Afghanistan for my second tour of duty,” said Lakin in his YouTube birther video.

The military took him up on the court martial. Lakin pleaded guilty to refusing to meet with his superior commanders and refusing to report to duty. He pleaded not guilty to a secondary charge of not appearing for a scheduled military flight.

Stars and Stripes reported that about 30 birther supporters showed up at the courthouse, carrying signs attacking President Obama as an illegal “usurper.”

“For these “birthers,” Lakin’s legal case has become their latest crusade. Supporters have raised money for his defense costs for months, and released numerous online videos featuring him which question whether Obama is a natural-born citizen, as the U.S. Constitution requires.”

“A group of about 30 birthers attended Tuesday’s hearing, handing out leaflets with a picture of Obama labeled “usurper” and “ineligible.”

For the record again, President Obama was born in Hawaii, his birth notice appeared in two local newspapers and he has placed a copy of his birth certificate online. But that’s still not enough to satisfy the crazed conspiratorial birthers who are driven by xenophobia and racism.

We live in strange times.


3 Responses to “Army Doc Pleads Guilty at Birther Court-Martial, Faces Prison”

  1. Morely Dotes on December 14th, 2010 9:59 pm

    The US Army does not need officers who are stupid enough to fall for the “birther” conspiracy theories. If he’s fallen for that, then he’s ripe to be recruited by foreign enemies as well as the domestic enemies he already loves.

  2. Don Olsen on January 3rd, 2011 8:55 am

    What you say is simply not true. Obama has only released a “certificate of live birth” which does not list the birth doctor or the hospital. This document is so easy to get illegally that it was not considered valid in divorce proceedings in Hawaii until 2008. No one disputes that before his inauguration he went to Hawaii and had his real Birth Certificate sealed. Even the Hawaii governor at the time acknowledged this. All Lt. Col. Lankin has asked is that Obama show his sealed Birth Certificate and clear up the issue. Even Obama supporter Chris Matthew has made the same request of Obama but Obama refuses to unseal the document. Very suspicious behavior for the “Commander in Chief”

    I suspect you will censor this comment, since the truth does not seem to be on your agenda.

  3. Alfredo Edwards on May 11th, 2011 12:39 am

    I’m so happy this jack ass got what he wanted. The nerve to question the elected president. I hope he spends a nice six months in jail and a lost of all his benefits.He never question all the former presidents birth certificates for the last 17 years. You talk about blatant racism. Most whites believe in equality in principle but not in practice.

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