Daily Fox News Viewers: The Dumbest People in America, Maybe the World

December 17, 2010

(ChattahBox US News)—This should surprise no one. A poll found that viewers of Fox News are the most uniformed and misinformed people in the country. And the more they watch the brain cell-destroying Republican propaganda network, the stupider they become. The poll conducted by the University of Maryland, called “Misinformation and the 2010 Election,” surveyed voters after the November elections in the wake of the Citizens United decision that unleashed an unprecedented wave of partisan attacks ads flooding the airwaves. An overwhelming majority of 91 percent, said they encountered misleading ads.

Many of those polled were found to be “substantially misinformed” on a number of issues, including TARP, the Stimulus, and climate change. But the most misinformed voters, by far, are Fox News viewers. Those who watch Fox News almost daily “are significantly more likely than those who never watched it” to live in an alternative fact-free right-wing Bizzaro world. Ignorance is bliss? Except, that the Fox News tea party types are generally angry and filled with hate and fear for those who are different from themselves.

The poll found that those who are tuned into news sources on a regular basis, are less uninformed than those who watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” or some such thing. But not when it comes to watching Fox News.

“Furthermore, those who had greater exposure to news sources were generally better informed. In the great majority of cases, those with higher levels of exposure to news sources had lower levels of misinformation.”

“There were however a number of cases where greater exposure to a news source increased misinformation on a specific issue. Those who watched Fox News almost daily were significantly more likely than those who never watched it to believe” in a variety of misnomers and conspiracy theories” :

  • Most economists have estimated the health care law will worsen the deficit (31 points)
  • The economy is getting worse (26 points)
  • Most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring (30 points)
  • The stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts (14 points)
  • Their own income taxes have gone up (14 points)
  • The auto bailout only occurred under Obama (13 points)
  • When TARP came up for a vote most Republicans opposed it (12 points)
  • And that it is not clear that Obama was born in the United States (31 points)

Looking at the exact percentages, is even more startling. For example, 63 percent of daily Fox Viewers wrongly believe “It is unclear whether Obama was born in the US—or, Obama was not born in the US,” 60 percent reject the existence of global warming and 63 percent wrongly believe the Stimulus did not contain any tax cuts.

Do you really think the dim-witted crew of Fox & Friends and Glenn Beck are on Fox News to inform the public, with you know, actual facts?

The entire poll can be found here.


3 Responses to “Daily Fox News Viewers: The Dumbest People in America, Maybe the World”

  1. Mike Dupont on December 18th, 2010 8:38 pm

    Fox viewers are acting STUPIDLY!!

  2. Adam Markey on December 19th, 2010 12:29 pm

    Yea! These stupid fox listners are SO dumb! all they do is hate our super President! They are all abouts the rich men taking all the moneys! like modren day slavery! they support the corporations like walmart and bank of america! I m glad this article and poll finally exposes the righwing for what they are!

  3. F. Murphy on January 2nd, 2011 1:37 pm

    This is a message board, not a trial where hearsay cannot be admitted.

    In real life, a lot of rational decisions are made on the basis of hearsay, so it is wrong of you to restrict the commentators in that way, Chattah & partners!

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