Orly Taitz’s Birther Madness: ‘Kenyan Usurper’ The Musical

December 28, 2010

(ChattahBox Political News)—Orly Taitz, the preeminent queen of birthers, as well as a lawyer, dentist and real estate agent, is now taking a break from filing endless frivolous lawsuits claiming “the de facto President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama,” is an illegal alien born in Kenya. What is the kooky Birther Queen up to now? She plans to produce a birther musical honoring the so-called “Birther Doc.” Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was sentenced to 6-months in prison and kicked out of the Army for refusing to obey what he called the “illegal orders” of President Obama, unless the President provided proof of his “birth on American soil.” Taitz compares Lakin’s court martial to a “de-facto crucifixtion of an American war hero by a corrupt regime of the Kenyan usurper.” And she envisions a traveling birther musical production that would surpass “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Fresh off her losing bid to become the secretary of state in California. And after being hit with a $20,000 fine by a federal judge for her “frivolous and sanctionable” birther suit, which “borders on delusional,” Taitz may soon add Broadway producer to her lengthy title of lawyer/dentist/real estate agent and Birther Queen.

Taitz floats the birther musical idea on her website, the “World’s Leading Obama Eligibility Challenge Web Site” in a post entitled, “Bring it Home in the Form of the Art. Let’s Bring the Story of De Facto Crucifixion of Lakin to Every Playhouse and Theatre Near You.”

“Today most plays are nothing more, but liberal brainwashing. Corrupt media would not report the truth. Art might be the way to go. Maybe doing a bus tour and re-enacting Lakin’s life, which is amazing, is a way to bring the message home. Lakin came from an ordinary family. He is not a racist, his wife is from Thailand. His 3 children are bi-racial. He was a hero and an exceptional doctor who saved lives in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Honduras. He asked a simple question “Why doesn’t the president have a valid long form birth certificate?” He went with this question to the commanding officers, congressmen, Obama himself and this war hero was brushed of (sic) like a gad fly (sic).” […]

“You can end the play by showing the hero going in the jump suit and chains to the van, which is taking him to the Fort Leavenworth military prison, his wife and 3 kids distraught, while the Zero and Antuanetta Obama vacationing in HI, taking separate jets for each one of them and their dog. We’ll end the play with the footage of Usurper Obama saying “I can’t walk around with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead”, his September 29 speech to students “People are saying that I was not born here for publicity only, to make money” . Let’s show footage of Pinhead Bill O’Reilly from FOX saying “Orly Taitz and birthers are crazy”, let’s show “keeping them honest” dishonest Anderson Cooper attacking AZ State Senator Russel Pierce and TX State senator Leo Berman as well as Lakin.”

She even has a working title.

Here is a working title ”American POW in America”. We can make it as a drama or as a musical. It can be bigger than “Jesus Christ -superstar”. We have a de-facto crucifixtion (sic) of an American war hero by a corrupt regime of the Kenyan usurper. Pontius Pilate bones are turning green with envy in the grave, knowing how American Judges Clay Land, David Carter and Denise Lind overshadowed him. If you want to help in this endeavor, call me 949-683-5411. Orly.”

Have I mentioned lately how utterly insane birthers are?

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5 Responses to “Orly Taitz’s Birther Madness: ‘Kenyan Usurper’ The Musical”

  1. Dennis on December 28th, 2010 9:08 pm

    Lord Sue – you’re right. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. I’d like nothing more than to see Orly and her windbags prosecuted for slander, treason etc. Trouble is, it’d make her a martyr…*shudder*.

    What a loony world we live in!

  2. Carol on December 29th, 2010 6:08 pm

    What I think is looney is the total lack of vetting of Obama and the demonizing and ridicule of anyone who dares question what it may be that he is hiding. Why is he hiding his long form birth certificate? Why would he not submit it to prove to this fine officer who put his life on the line for America that he indeed was born in America? Why aren’t those questions asked? Why hasn’t our Congressmen brought this discussion to the floor of Congress? Since there have been loads of Congressional hearings of Bush to dispel all kinds of looney conspiracies yet no hearings for Obama even though there are logical reasons for people to question his place of birth. Since his birth place did become a debateable issue before he was elected and millions of people are left to question it. Even this article states as proof the COLB form posted and the newspaper clippings submitted online as if that is real proof. Any idiot with a scant amount of knowledge would know that even if his mother was in Kenya when he was born all his grandmother would have to do is go to the DOH and obtain a blank certificate, fill it out using her permanent address in Hawaii, as anyone giving birth while just visiting in a foreign country, the form would be sent to the State Dept. and they would issue the type birth certificate that is posted on line, and the DOH would then submit the birth announcement to the newspapers with the listing of the permanent address….so that COLB & the newspaper clippings prove absolutely nothing since they could all exist even if Obama was born in Kenya.
    What is up with all this charade of smoke and mirrors and then ridiculing those that don’t buy it? Seriously, doesn’t it make you wonder why Obama doesn’t obtain the long form himself and submit it as a legal proof that he is indeed eligible to be our President. Bush’s college transcripts were not a criteria for being eligible to be our President but proof of place of birth is part of the eligibility factors.
    It is a simple truth hidden beneath the smoke and mirrors of the birth place dilemna. That truth is that Obama is not now nor has ever been eligible to be POTUS and he knows this to be a fact because he studied Constitutional law. His father was never American soil born. The Natural Born Citizen factor requirement is not that the POTUS must be a citizen born on American soil but that BOTH PARENTS MUST BE OF THE SOIL BORN with greater weight of citizenship being that of the father. Since his father was not American born, not even ever naturalized Obama is considered first a subject to the British throne. This requirement being different than any other elected office has to do with influence and alllegiance to other lands and people. For this reason Obama has come into the office as our President trying to fundamentally change our Constitution which according to what he said in his book was a document fundamentally flawed.
    The only President that had a parent not born on US soil was Chester Arthur who was never elected (he was VP that took over after the death of a Prez)..and who never ran for the office and many say because of all the conflict and debate of his eligibility because his father, though a naturalized citizen, was not born in America.
    Because the Bill S.2128 introduced in 2004 but never passed proves that there are Congressional leaders in the Democratic party that know that Obama’s father’s place of birth does bring his eligibility into question.
    So yes, I question his place of birth but wouldn’t spend a dime nor the time to prove or disprove it because to me his father’s place of birth is the main criteria that blatantly says he is not eligible and never has been and every politician in Congress should know it or they don’t know the Constitution and therefore should not be in office to begin with.
    Even the writer of this article should do some research and quit blowing smoke up the butts of the unlearned and stupid and blind followers of these puppet masters labeled Democrats.

  3. amd on December 30th, 2010 11:01 am

    This story would be utterly amusing if it weren’t so sad. Ms. Taitz is both obsessed and delusional – a very bad combination of dysfunctions.

    And to Carol, you’re wrong.

    First of all the evidence that Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii is unequivocal. There is no need to produce a so-called “long-form” birth certificate. The digital version readily available to see online, is all that’s legally required.

    As for the implications of Obama’s parentage, no where does the Constitution suggest both parents be citizens in order to qualify as “natural born.” And, in fact, case law and federal statute make it clear that all that’s required is to be born on U.S. soil.

    There’s a reason why over 70 birther lawsuits have been summarily tossed from the courts – the claims and allegations are frivilous and without merit. The birther conspiracy industry is a nonsense factory.


  4. borderraven on January 9th, 2011 8:05 pm

    Carol is correct.

    A series of frauds, propaganda, media complacency, conspiracy (maybe?) and stupidity put Obama in the White House.



    See http://www.scribd.com/doc/46145949/US-President-Eligibility

    All were Natural Born Citizens except the only two to break precedent were Chester Arthur and Barack Obama.

    It is possible Obama’s newlywed parents went to Kenya during summer break, as they had motivation and opportunity.


  5. borderraven on January 9th, 2011 8:33 pm

    The Statesmans Year Book 1950


    Government. The Kenya Colony and Protectorate extend, on the Indian Ocean, from the Umba River to Dick’s Head, and inland as far as Lake Victoria and Uganda. The protectorate consists of the mainland dominions of the Sultan of Zanzibar, viz., a coastal strip of territory 10 miles wide, to the northern branch of the Tana River; also Kau, Kipini and the Island of Lamu, and all adjacent islands between rivers Umba and Tana, these territories having been leased to Great Britain in 1895 for an annual rent of 10,000, since raised to 16,000. The colony and protectorate, known as the East Africa Protectorate, were, on 1 April, 1905, transferred from the authority of the Foreign Office to that of the Colonial Office, and in November, 1906, the protectorate was placed under the control of a Governor and Commander-in-Chief and (except the Sultan of Zanzibar’s dominions) was annexed to the Crown as from 23 July, 1920, under the name of * The Colony of Kenya,’ thus becoming a Crown Colony. The territories on the coast rented from the Sultan of Zanzibar became the Kenya Protectorate. In 1908 foreign consular jurisdiction in the Zanzibar strip of coast was transferred to the British Crown.

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