Fox News Suggests NYC Union Killed Little Boy

January 1, 2011

(ChattahBox Op/Ed News) – In Fox News’ never ending war on decency and truth it never surprises how far they will go to twist facts and smear their victims. This time however I am surprised. On Fox’s lesser known webpage, editors throw out misleading headlines to stories from across the Internet as red meat bait for their rabid half wit readers to comment on. If it’s an article on President Obama you’re sure to get a dozens of racist remarks mixed in with a hundred or so socialist slurs. It’s obvious the idiots who frequent this site haven’t a clue what the term socialist means but trust me, they know what racism is.

I scan the different articles almost daily to get a feel for what the average ultra right wing Fox feeder is thinking. It’s shocking, frightening and sad to know that there’s that many people in America you think and feel comfortable providing their poisoned views day in and out.

As I logged on today, I was stunned by a this headline “NYC Union Has Blood On It’s Hands”. We all know that Fox News hates unions. The reason of course is that unions fight against worker injustice and they support the Democratic party. So it wasn’t a big shock to see a headline like this. I also knew that the headline was a skewed commentary of the actual article. To be sure I read the actual article from the The story is of a baby who tragically was pronounced brain dead after being found unconscious. CPR was administered and paramedics were called. Because of the unplowed streets following the recent blizzard in New York it took paramedics longer to reach the boy and as they approached the hospital they had to abandon their vehicle and actually ran the baby boy to the hospital.

That was the story. There was nothing about unions. There was nothing about anyone not performing their duties to clear snow. There was nothing to implicate anyone in the death of this baby boy. The only possible contributing factor was the fact that after the blizzard the roads weren’t as clear as they normally would be. Again, let me be clear there was nothing to implicate unions.

This smear job headline combined with the article is clearly telling it’s readers that unions caused this baby boy to die. Union members who work day in and day out to provide services to the city of New York was accused of murder by Yet, there was no mention of unions or anyone else not doing their jobs to clear those roads. I have no doubt there is much frustration that it took longer to clear the roads than they would’ve like. Is it the unions fault? I don’t know. The questions that would have to be answered are; Does the city have enough personnel and equipment to clean up after a century blizzard? Did those that answered the call work efficiently to clear the roads? But I’m veering from the point.

Fox News and it’s sister site Fox Nation, called hard working men and women murderers without a shred of reason or evidence to call them such. This is the same slime ball journalism we’ve come to expect from this puss filled organization for years now. They hate unions and they want their viewers and readers to hate unions too.

A quick glance at the readers comments was illuminating. There were plenty of comments about “lazy” union members, or members who earn too much money, etc. but not one mention of the fact that the article in question never mentioned unions or that it was infinitely unfair to claim that they had blood on their hands.

This type of thing disgusts me and I hope it disgusts you. Where is their sense of fair play and justice? How can they take the tragic death of a little boy and use it to unfairly attack city union members? They used the death of little boy to bolster their paranoid war on the middle class. Think about it, if they’re willing to use these tactics to further their agenda what won’t they do?


2 Responses to “Fox News Suggests NYC Union Killed Little Boy”

  1. majii on January 1st, 2011 5:50 pm

    I read the post on the NYP’s site and wondered where all of the negative comments about the unions came from, and now, I know. There was only one reasonable comment in four pages of them. Nothing in the NYP article referred to the unions as being responsible for this poor baby’s death. Pox will do anything to turn our country over to the corporatists, and they often get a healthy assist from those who use the non-news network as their primary source of information.

  2. pat graham on January 16th, 2011 2:47 pm

    It is totally amazing to me that Fox (Fair and Balanced as they claim) does not blame the paramedics for not saving the child, the parents for the childs ill health, thier new crew for not clearing the path, or God for letting it snow. Let’s face it with guys like Glem Beck who has a mental history and an open minded crew like on Fox and Friends, what else can you expect.. I might not be suprized if they find a way to blame the cold weather on the NYPD Union or a hot summer on the USW. As long as they make thier millions Fox will always begrudge the working people for making a living wage because of the Unions. If all workers were to have to pay for benifits and made minimum wage Bill, Glen and the boys at Fox would be happy.

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