House GOP to Repeal Healthcare Law, Trash it ‘Piece by Piece’

January 2, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—Republicans licking their chops at the prospect of taking over the House just days from now, made numerous appearances on the Sunday news shows setting the stage for a contentious next two years. Having no constructive ideas, GOP lawmakers plan to just slash spending and dismantle the legislative achievements of the Obama administration. A group led by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) vowed to shut down the government if they didn’t get their way on spending cuts. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) incoming chairman of the House Committee on Oversight, appeared on CNN to reiterate his pledge to conduct endless witch hunts of President Obama, who he once said is “One of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.” And Incoming House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) showed up on Fox News Sunday to declare the GOP’s plan to hold a vote repealing health care reform, as soon as January, before the President’s State of the Union address.

Upton boasted that he would repeal the health care reform law in the House with a number of Blue Dog Democratic votes. And he is probably right.

“We have 242 Republicans,” Upton said. “There will be a significant number of Democrats I think that will join us.”

Upton also said the House was close to having the necessary numbers to override a veto by President Obama.

“Upton, whose committee will key in the GOP’s effort to roll back the law, said that he believes the House may be near the two-thirds majority required to override a presidential veto. Short of repeal, Upton said the House will “go after this bill piece by piece.”‘

“We will look at these individual pieces to see if we can’t have the thing crumble,” added Upton.

Of course, since the Republicans don’t control the Senate, and are unlikely to gain enough votes to override a presidential veto, the vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act is largely for show. Still, there are numerous ways the House Republicans can cause mischief by de-funding various pieces of the massive health care overhaul.

But even if they were successful in destroying health reform, Republicans have nothing to replace it with.

The Washington Monthly Political Animal’s Steve Benen points out the political opportunity available to the Democrats in the wake of the GOP’s reckless stunt vote.

“But I continue to think there are opportunities here for Democrats. To hear Upton tell it, one of the very first votes House Republicans will cast in the new Congress is raising taxes on small businesses. And adding over a trillion dollars to the debt. And taking away health care coverage for millions. And making seniors pay more for prescription drugs while weakening Medicare. And allowing insurers to discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions.”

“To be sure, Republicans won’t put it this way, but their rhetoric is irrelevant against the reality — by voting for repeal of the Affordable Care Act, they’re voting for the consequences that come with the law’s elimination.”

Like I said, it’s going to be a long two-years of Republican stunts, endless witch hunts and holding the country hostage by threatening to shut down the government.


2 Responses to “House GOP to Repeal Healthcare Law, Trash it ‘Piece by Piece’”

  1. majii on January 2nd, 2011 9:07 pm

    If the conservadems in Congress want to end up like those who lost their seats in November 2010, they can go right ahead and vote with the republicans to repeal the ACA, but they will not win in 2012 when they run for re-election. My blue dog lost his seat. This was no surprise to me. I had emailed him in August 2009 warning him that he would lose his seat if he continued to vote against the president’s legislation, but he didn’t listen. When he ran campaign ads on local teevee stations, they were all about how he was against the president, Senator Reid, and Ms. Pelosi, and he paid for it at the ballot box. He even had one where he showed his driver’s license to show that he wasn’t under Ms. Pelosi’s control when he cast his votes in Congress (“She’s from CA. I’m from GA. I represent the wishes of Georgians when I vote on legislation, not Californians!”) I think it was also an attempt by him to send an unspoken message to the birthers since GA has quite a few of them.

    I wonder what the republicans will tell the seniors who are now eligible for free check ups and screenings, and are getting more help paying for their prescriptions. It has been my experience that when people find something that helps them, it’s difficult to get them to agree to give it up.

    This was made clear to me during the HCR debates when senior citizens were protesting HCR while sucking at the government teat by receiving Medicare and Social Security. The most ironic sign I saw was held by an elderly person that said “Keep Your Hands Off My Medicare!” I also couldn’t help wondering how many of the protesters were/are receiving Medicaid and SSI payments. They had no clue that they were/are participating in a single payer plan which, according to them, is supposed to be “worse” than the ACA.

  2. marklang on January 3rd, 2011 2:23 am

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