GOPer Diane Black: Dump Sick Kids From Health Plans

January 5, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—Meet newly-elected Rep. Diane Black (R-TN). She’s one of the new crop of right-wing tea party freshman lawmakers, and she’s a heartless imbecile. Black, like every Republican, ran on repealing the evil “ObamaCare.” The folks at C-Span caught up with Black in the Capitol today and she proceeded to rail against the provisions of the health reform law that allows parents to insure their children until age 26 and prohibits insurers from denying children coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Openly advocating against insuring sick and dying children is pretty disgusting. But that’s how Diane Black rolls. And if her name sounds familiar, it’s because while she was a state senator, her staffer sent out a racist email soon after the election of our first black president, depicting President Obama as having “spook eyes.” Black, a former nurse, defended herself against claims of racism by pointing out that she once provided care to “people with black skin” in Haiti. Oh, brother.

During her interview with a C-Span reporter, she claimed health insurance companies in Tennessee are going broke because of having to insure sick children.

“There is a mandate there that insurance companies must insure children up to the age of 24, and what we have found is that there are a lot of insurance companies that are just saying we’re not going to be in this business any longer, because we know that we can’t survive if that’s what we’re going to do.”

“And the second piece of that was to insure children regardless of their health care history, and as a result of that, I know several health care insurance agents in my district who have said we’re just dropping any insurance for children whatsoever.”

Of course, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. The Affordable Care Act allows parents to keep their children on their polices until the age of 26, not 24.

Looking at her campaign website, no wonder she is so confused. She thinks the Affordable Care Act is just like the single-payer system in Canada, instead of the conservative free-market based system that it really is.

“Unfortunately, left-wing partisanship and a Democrat power grab unleashed a near limitless bureaucracy on the American people that will remake our health care system into a government-run, single-payer, Canadian-style system,” Black writes on her website.

I guess Black isn’t aware of the fact that “A government takeover of health care” is a falsehood and was awarded the dubious honor of PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year.

Let’s see, what else does she have to say about health care. Under “Insurance Reform,” she writes “At the same time, insurance companies must change the way they approach pre-existing conditions.”

Black doesn’t say what sort of changes to pre-existing conditions she supports. Regardless, now she seems to be in favor of them, especially when it comes to sick children. Nice.

When her state senate staffer Sherri Goforth apologized for sending her racist “spook eyes” email to the “wrong list,” Black refused to fire her and instead issued a reprimand. Worse, Black denied that the email depicting President Obama, with a pair of spook eyes had anything to do with racism.

“This is, believe me, not at all anything having to do with being derogatory toward someone in a minority,” said Black. And she went on to talk about how she gave nursing care to people of color, so of course she isn’t racist.

The Nashville Scene described Diane Black’s particular kind of Old Southern racism perfectly:

“In fact, Black says, she’s “reached out to people all over this world” as a nurse. As evidence of her racist-free heart, she cites her trips to Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. She went deep into the jungles of Guatemala like a great white bwana to help babies.”

‘”I spent time in Haiti during the time of Aristide working with people with black skin who needed medical help,” she says. And if that’s not enough, her family once hosted a Brazilian exchange student in their home. Wow!”

It’s going to be a long two-years chronicling the cold-blooded right-wing extremism of this  tea party crowd. God helps us all.



2 Responses to “GOPer Diane Black: Dump Sick Kids From Health Plans”

  1. Morely Dotes on January 6th, 2011 1:19 am

    “I guess Black isn’t aware of the fact that “A government takeover of health care” is a falsehood and was awarded the dubious honor of PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year.”

    Of course she’s aware of it. She’s lying and she knows it. She’d endorse the illegal torture of prisoners of war if she thought it would get her “campaign money” (Translation” bribes) from insurance companies.

    The Republican party disgusts me. I am seriously considering running for the Senate myself, on the Communist ticket (I’m a registered Democrat, but what the Hell – if lying is what gets you elected, I can do that).

  2. Kp on January 20th, 2011 1:46 pm

    Not just sick kids whose parents don’t provide health coverage through their work, buy coverage instead of playstation games or take the time to fill out paperwork for Medicaid if they can’t afford it but this will provide coverage to crackheads too. Stop using the media to brainwash people who are too lazy or too busy to do their own research. Do you get off on mind control?

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