NYC Radio Listeners Just Say No to Glenn Beck’s Crazy Hate

January 5, 2011

(ChattahBox US News)—Uh oh, this must hurt. The radio listeners in New York City are sick and tired of tuning in to a race-baiting crazy person promoting tin foil hat conspiracy theories, who thinks our first black President is a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred of white people.” That’s right, Glenn Beck, Fox News’ Messianic freak and self-described rodeo clown and carnival huckster is being thrown out of the New York City radio market due to low ratings. And New Yorkers are not the only listeners rejecting Beck’s hatemongering. As of January 17, Beck will also disappear from the Philadelphia market.

You know this was bound to happen. Sooner or later, people start to ignore and walk past the crazy person screeching on the street corner about the end of the world. And that’s what seems to be happening to the conspiracy theorist in chief Beck.

The NY Daily News reports:

“Glenn Beck may be one of the hottest talk show hosts in the country, but he apparently left New York’s WOR cold.”

“WOR (710 AM), one of the city’s two biggest talk radio stations, said this morning it is dropping Beck’s syndicated show as of Jan. 17 and replacing him with a familiar New York name: Mike Gallagher.”

‘”The reason is ratings,” said WOR program director Scott Lakefield. “Somewhat to our surprise, the show wasn’t getting what we wanted.”‘

As Media Matters points out, being dumped from his home base of New York must be demoralizing for Beck.

“To call this a major embarrassment for Beck is an understatement. After all, he’s been based in New York — where he tapes his nightly television show for Fox News Channel — for the last four years. And he’s not being replaced by some hot new up-and-coming talent, but a lower-priced and unexciting retread in longtime veteran Gallagher — a clear sign that WOR isn’t bluffing or exaggerating to say that Beck’s ratings in the Big Apple were truly awful.”

And Beck’s ratings in Boston are also tanking. Perhaps the American people are finally waking up to Beck’s apocalyptic, race-baiting self-aggrandizing and hateful nonsense?

Let’s hope so.


2 Responses to “NYC Radio Listeners Just Say No to Glenn Beck’s Crazy Hate”

  1. Armageddon T Thunderbird on January 5th, 2011 7:35 pm

    People need to wake up the fact that Glenn Beck is simply another opinion pushing charlatan who is a product of mormon cult theology that he mixes with cherry picked parts of Catholicism and his personal core as a dry alcoholic. And for the record, he is a Mormon and not a Christian. The two are not the same as one is a cult and the other is a religion. This makes Glenn Beck one very twisted screwed up moron who sold his soul to the lowest common denominator of personal stupidity. And for the record…the religion of Islam has far more in common with Christianity than the mormon cult.

    Glenn Beck can be summarized simply as a dry mormon alcoholic who never got the counseling required for alcoholics. Those are his only qualifications for anything in life as he never went to college and definitely knows nothing about American History or the US Constitution. Because he does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, this makes him the perfect abortion poster child for Fox Network. Considering the fact that Beck’s personal views are extreme Marxist Libertarian, his form of patriotism is false and he is a person who has no real substance or depth. He is definitely not a true conservative. As with Joseph Smith or that 5th grade graduate who started the Jehovah’s Witness Cult, this over-paid idiot (Glenn Beck) got in bed with Satan a very long time ago. It’s really all about the money as hate, lies, promotion of ignorance and fear mongering are the only marketable skills that Glenn Beck has on his side and he has a growing flock of very impressionable idiots who do not understand the difference between a cult and a religion or truth & facts versus lies.

    Glenn Beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck, Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like them frequently pervert truth, history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their big mouths. Beck is simply part of a national league of pseudo-conservative idiots who make big money by selling lies and half truths to impressionable fools who occupy the lowest levels of society. Basically…tea baggers and registered republicans who are condemned to repeat the mistakes of history.

  2. majii on January 5th, 2011 8:54 pm

    Right, ATT,

    It’s all about how much money he and others like him can make by fleecing gullible individuals. I have a problem with them because they are more than eager to lie to people whom they know have problems with understanding what goes on in the world around them. IMO, it’s the vilest kind of exploitation.

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