Westboro Baptist Hate-Mongers Thank ‘God the Avenger’ for Tucson Rampage (Video)

January 10, 2011

(ChattahBox US News)—Fred Phelps, pastor of the anti-gay hate group the Westboro Baptist Church, is not a man of God. He works for the other guy. His vile unhinged campaign of picketing the funerals of military soldiers and high profile people, using children to hold signs, saying “God Hates Fags,” falls squarely within Beelzebub’s camp. Not to let a national tragedy go to waste, Phelps is now vowing to picket the funerals of the six murdered victims of the Tucson shooting rampage that left Congressman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) fighting for her life, after the mentally unstable shooter Jared Lee Loughner shot her point blank in the head during an official event. Phelps issued a hate-filled press release and produced a deranged video after the tragic shooting, thanking God for the shooter. “That’s how God the Avenger rolls,” Phelps said in one statement, adding “The blood of these six dead is on your hands rebellious doomed-america! God’s judgments are so righteous & marvelous in our sight!” To condemn Phelps’ insane hateful rhetoric as despicable and repulsive, doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Phelps and his hate group were last in the news when a handful of his followers picketed the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, holding signs, reading “God hates fag enablers.” But hundreds of counter-protesters arrived to provide a “human buffer” of love in response to a Facebook appeal, dubbed “Protect Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral from Westboro clan.”

Now, Phelps is seeking another forum for his hate by picketing the funerals of the six murdered Tucson victims, including the funeral of a nine-year-old girl.

In a video over four-minutes long, Phelps said “Thank god for the violent shooter” Jared Loughner, adding that God appointed Loughner to “avenge himself on this evil nation.”

“However many are dead, Westboro Baptist Church will picket their funerals. We will remind the living that you can still repent and obey. This is ultimatum time with God,” continued Phelps.

The spewer of hate also blamed Congresswoman Giffords for the shooting rampage.

“Congresswoman Gifford, an avid supporter of sin and baby killing was shot for that mischief,” railed Phelps.

He even referenced Sarah Palin’s now-infamous crosshairs map that targeted Rep. Giffords, calling the half-term governor that “mouthy witch Sarah Palin,” and attacking Palin as a “cowardly brute” for scrubbing the controversial map from her website.

Phelps went on to pray for more death and mayhem.

“Westboro Baptist Church prays for more shooters more violent veterans and more dead. Praise god for his righteous judgments in this earth,” Phelps said in his video.

If you are not sickened enough yet, Phelps attacked the murdered nine-year old girl, who was gunned down while waiting in line to meet her Congresswoman on Saturday morning, in front of a Safeway food store.

In a press release, Phelps said “That child was not innocent.”

“This is a nation of depraved perverts who pass their children through the fire of their rage against God & all-consuming lust. From the womb, she was taught to hate God & mock His servants. That child is better off dead, so the cup of her iniquity will not overflow!”

There are just no words. Let’s hope another group, such as the one that attended Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral, shields the mourners from Phelps’ hate with a human line of love.



6 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Hate-Mongers Thank ‘God the Avenger’ for Tucson Rampage (Video)”

  1. Hans Petter on January 10th, 2011 6:44 pm

    Westboro Baptist Church will soon be struck with lightening, and the members will be converted to ashes quickly. Your leader is a hypocrit. It is time for the dirty pictures of the closet gay minister, Mr. Phelps to be disclosed… He has also been documented with child pornography..

  2. SACKMAN on January 10th, 2011 7:59 pm

    So called pastor Phelps is a self rightous son of a bitch! I dare him to show his face around my family or any funeral I attend, Because if he does there will be one less evil bastard walking this earth.

  3. Kev on January 10th, 2011 10:36 pm

    Ya know, what comes around goes around. This self-righteous SOB’s hateful invective could very well one day cause some loose cannon personality somewhere to melt down and go after THEM. When it happens, they’ll have no explanation for why their god is pissed at them.

  4. dwight j. stevens on January 11th, 2011 12:46 pm

    What I see is Jim Jones all over a gain. Who gave him the right to juges any one that little girl did nonthing wrong. May U an all Ur follwer fall in to the pit of burning hell an see how U like. to the Goverment what about our rights that what Ur in office for or am I wrong about that to. When something happen in Ur family U have all the protection of the Law. So what about Us. U wonder no 1 will be voteing

  5. James B on January 11th, 2011 3:25 pm

    While I can not be there to stand up against the Godless cowards at Westboro Church who’s only goal is to get in the press and show there hate for everyone and everything, my thoughts and prayers will be with all of the volunteers who will stop them from being seen or heard. Thank You!

  6. Kaitlyn on January 11th, 2011 5:22 pm

    Phelps family are the only members of his vile church. His daughter was a whore who had a baby out of wed lock. The entire family is demented. They are bible thumpers only when the sins are projected onto others.

    They assume all/ everyone who dies is deserving of protest. I personally can’t wait for the day they drive some poor sot over the edge and they take out the entire phelps family. Including the little bastards as well.

    Hows that for hate……

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