Conservatives To Boycott Their Own Premier Conference Because It Welcomes Gays

January 12, 2011

(ChattahBox Op/Ed News)  – Social conservatives make up 100% of the base of the Republican Party.  Their big two issues are and have always been abortion and Gay people.  Yes, gay people, not just gay marriage or equality for gays, but gay people in general. Even after their former Party Chairman Ken Mehlman professed to the world that he was himself gay his ongoing attempt to raise issues of this victimized community to social conservative Republicans has been met with silence by the base.

Word that the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is outraged because Indiana Governor Republican Mitch Daniels, who publically announced last year he was going to ignore social issues until the fiscal priorities of his state were met and controlled, drew a great deal of heat from that conservative base for this stance and now many prominent conservative group will protest his invitation to the CPAC conference because he had the tenacity to put policy above politics.  How dare he?

Conservative groups planning to skip this year’s event: The Heritage Foundation, Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council, Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, and Concerned Women for America represent millions of Americans who even in the year 2011 still haven’t figured out that gay people are afforded the same rights and protections of the Constitution as they are.  It’s confusing that because of a group called GOPride, a pro-gay Republican group has been invited and welcomed by the events organizers, joining the more traditional Log Cabin Republicans who have represented gay Republicans for three decades now, seem to be a growing movement within the Republican Party, defying my expectations of the gay community politically, but hey, if gay people want to choose Republican political affiliation they should have that right and be able to participate in the political process, or you would think.

For years Republicans have worked diligently toward increasing numbers of African Americans and Hispanic Americans in joining their ranks.  Republicans have devised strategies and held rallies and even adopted some issues to show their almost sincere interest in including the traditionally Democrat constituencies into their much more conservative fold, but they have continued to push away gay Americans because they fear them?  I don’t actually know that Republicans fear gay people, but I cannot find a clear path to understanding how they can still exclude an entire population of people from their family just because they dared to be born gay.

Let’s go with numbers, to make the argument neat.  Gays are a much smaller minority than African Americans or Hispanics, right? So maybe they just don’t think that there are enough gays to be worth recruiting them and including them.  I’m just guessing.  Or maybe the idea that their personal morality and values are so offended by “that lifestyle” that they would be an accomplice to their one way ticket to damnation if they allowed gays to be openly Republican.  I’m open to your suggestions as well because it makes no foundational sense, does it?

We are constantly reminded the work we need to do as a country as it relates to our social consciousness, and it the pursuit of happiness, guaranteed again by that wonderful document called the Constitution, rather than fighting against the natural order of life let me suggest that social conservatives just let go and stop being suspicious and paranoid about all the social issues that give you the willies.  Socially conservative Republicans are  not being fair to others or to yourselves and to be honest, to use the law to demand people conform  to your beliefs are a realistic form of slavery and takes away the hard fought and died for freedom we all cherish and continue to protect to this day.

I’ve met my fair share of socially conservative Republicans and unless and until you have a certain conversation they are by any measure reasonable and intelligent people.  But if we apply the two BIG issues that hit at the heart of their Christianity they become downright hateful, angry, and vengeful and I find it personally perplexing to believe that any Christian could have that kind of animus in their hearts, it’s just counterintuitive by any definition of Christianity, right?

The CPAC conference will go on and maybe this is the beginning of an acceptance that almost looks like progress.  One thing is clear, that there will be more openly gay people at the CPAC conference than at any time in its history, and that is progress no matter how challenging that progress is for some; let’s take the victory where we can because it is and for me always has been about being humane and equality.  Maybe we just got a little bit closer to that being true, just maybe.

Tony Trupiano is a former national syndicated progressive radio talk show host, author, and a former candidate for Congress. He is also a nationally recognized media trainer.  He can be reached at and can read his Blog at


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