Bachmann’s CPAC Rant: Omama Will Impose ’75 Percent Tax Rate’

February 10, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)— The annual Conservative┬áPolitical Action Conference began this morning with a big dose of crazy from opening speaker Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who delivered an apocalyptic fearmongering rant about Obama stealing your money with a 75 percent tax rate. The wild-eyed tea party congresswoman, who once advocated investigating members of Congress for holding anti-American beliefs, warned the crowd that the impending Obama tax theft would result in food shortages and the inability to afford “iTunes downloads.” Of course, the right-wing crowd loved her.

Before she began spewing wild Glenn Beckian conspiracy theories, the unhinged tea party queen told the CPAC crowd that she wakes up every morning determined to repeal “Obamacare,” she called the “the crown jewel of Socialism.” Bachmann added that repealing healthcare reform “… is the driving motivation of my life.”

Everyone needs a hobby, right?

Bachmann then channeled the Fox News conspiracy-theorist-in-chief, Glen Beck, as she stoked fears about food shortages and absurd tales of never before seen, astronomical tax rates that leave Americans with next to nothing, if President Obama wins another term in 2012.

“This is about the kind of America we’re going to have and the kind of life you will have and the kind of future you will have if 2012 goes other than what all of us are hoping in the next few years. Because what 75 percent tax rate means for you quite literally is that three-fourths of your workday will be spent working to pay Uncle Sam. And you’ll be living off 25 percent of your salary.”

“So let me ask you a question. How are you going to pay for a home mortgage on 25 percent of your salary? How are you going to pay for your car payment on 25 percent of your salary? Or buy food on 25 percent of your salary? Or pay for your energy bill or your electric bill? Or more importantly how are you going to pay for your iTunes downloads on 25 percent of your salary?”

Good grief.

The CPAC shindig will continue throughout the weekend, with Republican presidential hopefuls, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels, Rick Santorum and John Bolton scheduled to speak.


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