Scott Walker’s Union-Busting Convo With Fake David Koch (Video)

February 23, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—-Punked! Wisconsin’s union-busting Governor Scott Walker (R) fancies himself a Ronald Reagan clone standing on the precipice of a right-wing revolution. Or so he told a liberal New York blogger posing as Walker’s billionaire benefactor David Koch, of the big polluting Koch Industries. That’s right, Walker, who refuses to even talk to Democratic lawmakers or union members, never mind negotiate with them, eagerly took a call from a man he believed to be Koch, his top campaign contributor, to talk shop about crushing unions and the hopes and dreams of the middle class. “This is our moment, this is our time to change the course of history,” Walker gushed to the fake Koch. There is now no doubt at all. Scott Walker is bought and paid for with the Koch brothers’ dirty money.

The brilliant prankster was Ian Murphy, editor of the blog Buffalo Beast, which went offline from the traffic surge. Murphy, who was using Skype to make the call to the governor’s office, easily got through to Walker without leaving a phone number, by making up a story about his undocumented maid. Right-wingers love bigoted jokes about “illegals.”

Murphey told Keith Gilkes Walker’s chief of staff, “My goddamn maid, Maria, put my phone in the washer. I’d have her deported, but she works for next to nothing.’ Gilkes found this amusing. ‘I’m calling from the VOID—with the VOID, or whatever it’s called. You know, the Snype!'”

That explanation sounded perfectly reasonable to Gilkes and Murphy was given a direct line to Walker.

During the 20-minute phone call, Walker bragged to his corporate master about applying pressure to the AWOL Democrats.  And he revealed details of a plot to lie to the Democratic lawmakers to lure them back to the State capitol under false pretenses.

“Each day, we’re going to rachet this up a little bit,” bragged Walker. He then tells Koch he plans to deliver thousands of “risk notices” next week to public employees, to further pressure the Democrats.

“If they want to start sacrificing thousands of public workers to be laid off,” he says, “sooner or later there’s gonna be pressure on Senators to come back. We’re not going to compromise,” said Walker

At one point, the fake Koch tells Walker he was considering hiring goons to bust up the protesters. Walker responded without missing a beat, that he and his staff had already thought of that.

“We’ll back you any way we can. What we were thinking about the crowd was, uh, was planting some troublemakers,” said the fake Koch.

Walker responded, “You know, well, the only problem with that —because we thought about that. The problem—the, my only gut reaction to that is right now the lawmakers I’ve talked to have just completely had it with them, the public is not really fond of this.”

Walker and the fake Koch later yukked it up about bringing a “baseball bat” to any talks with Democrats.

And as further proof that Walker is a corrupt self-serving ideologue, the fake Koch dangled a reward in front of him for crushing the unions.

“Well I tell you what Scott, once you crush these bastards I’ll fly you out to Cali and show you a good time,” said fake Koch.

“Alright, that would be outstanding,” said Walker. “Thanks for all the support and helping us move the cause forward.”

There is much more. Walker also talks about coordinating union-busting legislation with his fellow Republican governors, proving that the national Republican political machine financed with dirty money from the Koch brothers and other greedy billionaires, are coordinating a direct attack on workers’ rights.

“You’re the first domino.,” the fake Koch told Walker

“Yep, this is our moment,'”Walker said. It’s more like his moment in infamy.



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